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Your Business on AutoPilot: Potions for the Enterprise

With summer in full swing, you might be planning some vacation time away from the office. A recent study found that 42% of workers feel obligated to check their work email during vacation. If you’re lucky, you have coworkers who can cover tasks for you while you’re out. But did you know that you can program your Netvibes dashboard to do some of those digital tasks for you?


Netvibes’ Dashboard of Things makes it simple to automate digital activities from the dashboard. You pick the Trigger(s) and Action(s) to create a Potion, and your dashboard magically obeys. For an introduction to DoT, please visit our FAQ page.

As you get ready for vacation, here are some example Potions that can help you relax and ignore your email, but still be alerted immediately if anything important happens.

  1. Crisis alert – Of course, we hope that no crises pop up for your brand while you’re on vacation. But if something happens, you certainly want to be the first to know, rather than waiting until the firestorm is out of control.


Because your Netvibes dashboard continually monitors brand sentiment and the company’s stock price, you can easily create a potion to alert you to changes. With this potion, when negative comments about your brand increase online AND the stock price goes down, you’ll receive a text message AND a Pushbullet notification on all your devices.

  1. Home/office security – If you have a Nest Protect installed at your home or office, you can easily program it through the Netvibes dashboard.


With this Potion, if your Nest Protect detects smoke, then both you and your neighbor will receive a text message alert.

  1. Reading Lists – If you want to keep up on industry news while you’re on vacation, set up a Potion that will automatically deliver the latest news you want to read.

Because Netvibes Potions are fully customizable, there are a lot of ways to do this. Here are just 2 ideas:

  • Automatic curation:

    Let’s say you have your Netvibes dashboard set up to track articles around a particular topic–Your Brand or “Internet of Things,” for example. With this Potion, whenever a new article on that topic is published, the article will be automatically added to Pocket so you can read it on any device later, AND you’ll receive an email with the article.

  • Team curation:

    If you want your team to pick out important articles for you to read, it’s easy to do through Netvibes. On your shared dashboard, whenever someone sees an article for you, they will Tag the article as “Reading List.” With this Potion, all articles tagged “Reading List” on the dashboard will be automatically added to your Pocket account and emailed to you.

  • (Note: Tagging is available only for Netvibes Premium dashboards. To learn more, please contact us or compare our product features).

  1. Twitter Out-of-Office message – Program your Twitter account to automatically respond to messages while you’re away


With this Potion, whenever someone tweets at you (@YourUserName), then your account will automatically respond with “Thanks for the tweet! I’m out of the office this week” and quote the original message. You’ll also receive an email alert to let you know.

Of course, these are just a few Potion ideas. You can easily design your own Potions to do exactly what you want. To get started, click here, and our wizard will walk you through the easy steps of Potion creation.

For more Potion tips, please read our FAQ page:
Happy summer from Netvibes!


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