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We believe advertising is the last thing our users would want on their page, but this absence of a visible revenue generation can sometimes raise certain questions about how our company is doing, such as in a post last week by ReadWriteWeb in response to our brief downtime this past Friday.

This gives us a great opportunity to update you on our focus, our business health and our commitment to transparency.

Netvibes is all about Personalization (and what is our business model)

a. We offer Personalization for Individuals with

One use is Netvibes as a startpage but many use it as a “watch” page or dashboard like the Dublin public libraries for example. This is free for users. Instead of using intrusive ads, our business model is to deliver useful widgets through Sponsored Widget placements at the top of our Ecosystem.

b. We offer Personalization for Brands and Publishers

Netvibes is also a turnkey publishing solution to create branded personalizable pages, such as product microsites or media portals. Similar to Apple’s iWeb, we offer a magazine-like layout, lots of widgets, and drag-and-drop WYSIWYG page creation with zero programming required. We host and maintain the pages as well. Most importantly, personalized pages offer a stickier landing or central page than a flat HTML page that users can’t modify at all. On Netvibes powered pages, users can add, remove, change and customize the page at will. Creating a page with Netvibes brings a greater ROI than a classic flat HTML, because it encourages users to interact with brands and make their favorite brands their own. Now, users can have several personalized pages across the web from all their favorite brands. We are currently working with major ad agencies, in Europe and in the US to power a large variety of today’s top brands.

c. We offer Personalization for Enterprises

Since end of last year, we began to install Netvibes behind the firewall of large companies. Rambler, one of Russia’s largest ISPs, was amongst our first clients. With a proven and popular consumer product, a super powerful widget technology to develop their own internal widgets and a collection of nearly 180,000 widgets, we’ve generated lots of interest for enterprise portal solutions from large companies and ISPs, both for internal and external use.

You can learn more about all of our business products at:

Our revenue is growing

We announced in May last year that we were on a plan to arrive at break even in Sept 2009. We announced in December last year that we quadrupled our revenue in 3 quarters and cut our burn rate by half. We announce today that we are achieving our Q1 financial goal, which was to grow our revenues by 25% over the previous quarter. And we are still on track for our Sept 09 break even goal.

So in light of the current economic environment, it’s important to remember that Netvibes raised only one single round of money, almost 3 years ago, back in August 2006, and we have met our financial goals ever since. We’ve never had any mass layoffs and have never changed our financial forecasts. We’ve accomplished all of this without ads or any other forced compromises to our product, thanks to your support and our clients’ business. Credits also go to our team and our partners. They are simply fantastic.

We are fully committed to transparency

If this has given us an opportunity for an update on Netvibes, I do not forget that it originated from a downtime on Friday for which I sincerely apologize for. Although we are concerned with uptime and reliability, first and foremost, we also want to be totally transparent on our system status and downtime on the rare occasions it does occur.

We are 100% committed to providing reports on all of our downtimes, explanations on why they occurred and the action we are taking to fix them so you’ll always know what’s going on. (Needless to say, we will do everything it takes to prevent these occurrences from happening in the first place.)

All information about our service status is available at:

Real time, real info, real Netvibes

To get all the latest updates and conversations on Netvibes, make sure you follow us on Twitter (@netvibes).

Thanks for taking the time to read this and again, thank you for your continued support. We look forward to hearing from you so please feel free to leave a comment below or to send us a note on Twitter.

Freddy Mini, CEO

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