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Welcome to the new Netvibes.com: Dashboard Intelligence for everyone

Welcome to the new Netvibes.com: Dashboard Intelligence for everyone

We are excited to announce that our completely redesigned website has launched today for all new Netvibes users! Check it out at netvibes.com.

Netvibes brings the power of Dashboard Intelligence to everyone–individual users and enterprises alike. Our completely redesigned website, netvibes.com is focused on enhancing the individual experience so that everyone can get more value out of their dashboards. With an all-in-one master dashboard for your digital life, you can save time online, increase your productivity, stay informed about any topic, control your smart devices and much more.

Here’s what’s new for individual users at Netvibes.com:

New wizard: create dashboards on the fly  

When you sign up for a new account at netvibes.com, you will see our new wizard that makes it simple to set up your own dashboard. Pick your library(ies) of sources you want to track, enter any keywords of special interest, and click “Dashboard it!” In just a few clicks, you will have a custom dashboard tailored to your interests that can track and analyze any topic. Currently the new wizard is available for new Netvibes accounts only but will soon be expanded to all existing Netvibes users.

Experience the full power of Netvibes:

Because we want everyone to experience all the unique, enterprise features available on the dashboard, new users on netvibes.com will be automatically upgraded to Netvibes Premium for 14 days completely free, with no credit card or commitment.

  • Netvibes Premium
    As a Premium user, you will have access to the full suite of Netvibes’ professional tools, including data analytics, customizable charts, Misodata, drag-to-compare, and more. Read our case study to learn more about how professionals use Netvibes Premium.
  • Netvibes VIP
    At the conclusion of the Premium 7-day free trial, users who do not subscribe to Premium will be granted access to Netvibes VIP for a further 7-day free trial. At only $2/month, Netvibes VIP is the useful dashboard for anyone who wants to track specific topics online.  That means you will no longer have access to Premium-only features like analytics, but VIP users get access to Tracked Topics, Universal Search, Unlimited Potions, and priority support. Read more about Netvibes VIP here.
  • Netvibes Basic
    After 7 days of VIP, user dashboards will revert to Netvibes Basic, our 100% free dashboard for everyone. Basic users can read articles, manage social media and apps/devices, and create Potions (Basic is limited to 5 active Potions at once; VIP and Premium are unlimited).
  • Of course, users can upgrade their dashboard at any time to VIP or Premium in order to retain access to those features. Learn more about all of Netvibes’ dashboard offerings here.

Need dashboards for your entire team?

Enterprises and teams can head over to our enterprise website, netvibesbusiness.com for more details on Dashboard Intelligence solutions for your entire business.

Have questions or want a free demo? Contact us here.

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