Webinar: Introducing Netvibes Insights

Introducing Netvibes Insights: Free, monthly webinars on top brands

Want to see what’s really going on with today’s hottest brands? Join us every month as we perform a live breakdown analysis of a new brand each month using Netvibes Premium. Sign up to get notified about our next event – it’s free!

Since our team works with many global agencies and Fortune 500 brands, we’ve decided to offer a free webinar series where our experts share top trends, interesting insights and secret stats behind top brands like Nike, Groupon and Kraft. Unlike other briefings, you’ll get to:

  • Watch our researchers as they uncover these insights live using Netvibes Premium
  • Play with our brand dashboard afterwards to dig deeper and explore the data on your own
  • Get in and out in under 30 minutes with 3 key insights on a new brand each month

In addition to our monthly brand breakdown webinars, we will also invite special guest speakers from global agencies and research firms to share best practices on real-time brand management (what works? what doesn’t?), technology (how do we integrate all our tools?), and the latest research findings.

Contact us at and be the first to know about the next Netvibes Insights webinar!

Last month: Nike Deconstructed

Brand managers and agencies from across the US and Europe watched as we performed a live breakdown analysis of Nike on October 13th. So, what did we uncover?

  1. Why Nike experienced a 200% spike in normal conversation level on September 8th (can anyone name the shoe?)
  2. How Adidas was leading in user generated content and New Balance was falling short (especially on YouTube)
  3. What emerging real-time topics were going to impact Nike on October 13th (on the day of our webinar it was leaked photos of new shoes and an ambitious $4B sales goal in China)
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