Video: Netvibes dashboards alert you to changing data trends with Trend-Tracing Triggers

Netvibes Decision-Making Dashboards enable enterprises and agencies to aggregate, analyze and act on all the information that matters to their business. Learn more about the unique features of Netvibes in this new webinar video. Just click Play:

In the video, we present a live demo of a Netvibes dashboard. From the dashboard, you can see everything that’s happening in real time, analyze data trends and uncover insights to propel your business forward. You can even program the dashboard to act for you, automatically, in response to data triggers you set. For example: When negative mentions of my brand increase for 6 hours in a row, then text me and send an email to the team. 

We also explore some of the newest unique features of Netvibes, including:

Trend-Tracing Triggers: Create Potions based on historical data trends and predictive analytics. Go beyond what just happened; automate business actions based on what is currently happening or what is forecast to happen in the future.

Shared Libraries: Analyze any topic using “Libraries”—tailored lists of sources that are searchable, shareable and fully customizable. Create your own Library of trusted sources, or choose from expert-curated Libraries in your industry.

To watch the video, please click on the embedded box above, or visit:

Want your own personal demo of Netvibes? Contact us, and one of our dashboarding experts will be in touch.

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