Video: 5 Ways Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence Helps Your Business

Netvibes dashboards are the best way to monitor and analyze all the data that matters to your brand. Did you know there are 5 unique features of Netvibes? Watch our new video below to learn 5 ways you can put Netvibes to work for your business.

5 Unique Features of Netvibes:

  1. Personal Corpus: With Netvibes, you choose the sources you care about and trust. Cut out the noise; focus on what matters.
  1. MisoData: Experiment and learn from all your data. Import external files or connect third party datasets (like Google Analytics or stock price data) to the dashboard to analyze everything in one place. See how Twitter mentions impact your stock price, for example.
  1. PushMail: Send unlimited, automated email reports to anyone you choose. Send daily reports to the team or monthly reports to the client, automatically.
  1. AutoSave: Unlimited storage of your data for as long as you choose. Even if your brand is mentioned in thousands of tweets per minute, Netvibes retains it all so you can see what’s really being said.
  1. Dashboard of Things: Automate your digital activities. By creating a Potion with specific Triggers and Actions (e.g., if A or B happen, then do X; otherwise, do Y and Z) you can easily program automatic interactions between apps, devices and data. Learn more about the Dashboard of Things here.
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