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Trend-Tracing Triggers: The Next Evolution in Business Analytics Automation

With Trend-Tracing Triggers, you can create Potions based on historical data and predictive analytics. Go beyond what just happened; automate business actions based on what is currently happening or what is forecast to happen in the future.


Potions (available for all Netvibes dashboards) make it simple to program interactions between your apps, data and connected devices. [To learn more about Potions, please visit our FAQ page].

Business professionals often use Netvibes Potions to automate decision-making based on data insights. For example: When monthly web traffic exceeds 1M, then send an email to the CEO. Our enterprise customers tell us they love Potions because they always know immediately when something important has just happened.

With new Trend-Tracing Triggers, Netvibes takes BI automation to the next level. Instead of just triggering when something happens, Potions can now analyze past data and use predictive analytics to identify current trends and predict the future. This means you can automate actions based on complex data patterns. For example: When monthly web traffic increases by more than 10% for five days in a row, then email the latest charts and schedule a team meeting.

Create your own Potions to analyze competitors, monitor internal KPIs, or forecast future results. When Scenario X happens, the dashboard can notify you and immediately execute your action plan, enabling you to take advantage of breaking opportunities or mitigate threats to your business.

Business Cases for Netvibes Potions with Trend-Tracing Triggers:

  • Leadership changes – Businesses can track rankings for top brands, trends, influencers or any other metric on their dashboard and be alerted when leadership changes.
    • Brand Position Potion: If my brand falls out of the top 10 most-mentioned Wearables brands, then send an email to the executive team and schedule a meeting to discuss.
    • Competitor Threat Potion: If Competitor X enters position #1, then prepare a new communication campaign through SSH.

  • Radar movement – Analyze brand sentiment, know when competitors enter the radar, and compare media channels for Ad and PR campaigns.
    • PR Scrutiny Potion: Watch who’s the best source of positive content for your competitor. If new influencers are entering the 10, trigger an alert to the PR team to plan a special PR effort with those 3 influencers.
    • Competitor Tracking Potion: If Competitor Z enters the Top 10 list at position 5 or higher, then alert the team.
  • Awareness evolution – Stay on top of trends to take advantage of opportunities or mitigate damage to your brand or business.
    • Uptrend Potion: If negative brand mentions on Twitter trend upwards for five days in a row, then send me a text message and email the social media team.
    • Downtrend Potion: When there is a brand PR crisis, send a congratulatory email to the team if negative mentions decline for 7 days in row and drop below a certain threshold.
  • Achievement over time – Rather than tracking isolated metrics, businesses can act based on historical data and patterns over time.
    • Share of Voice Potion: If positive mentions of Brand A exceed Brand B for the past 30 days, then the marketing team has achieved its KPI.
    • KPI over time Potion: When actual sales exceed the forecast for my sales plan for the past 4 weeks in a row, send me an email and schedule time in my calendar to adjust the forecast.
  • Milestone forecasting – Watch key milestones with intersecting charts and value forecasting that help you predict trends and plan for contingencies.
    • Intersecting Charts Potion: If your competitor just overtook your brand in positive mentions over the weekend, then automatically send details to your communications team and call for a meeting Monday at 9am.
    • Forecast Potion: Get a text message when your monthly sales goal is in range for the next day.

These are just a few examples. Customize your own Potion to do anything you choose.

Trend-Tracing Triggers are included with all Netvibes Premium dashboards. If you’re already a Premium user, simply log in to your dashboard to start creating Potions with Trend-Tracing Triggers. To learn more about Premium dashboards, contact us for a demo.

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  • Reply Newton April 29, 2016 at 3:21 am

    Very interesting. But how about removing the coaching window that covers the screen every time one views or refreshes a public page when not signed in? This recent addition makes using netvibes so troublesome that frankly who wants to share their public page with anyone, and ask them to close out this window before they can read your page?
    If resolved I would be happy to experiment with potions

    • Reply Netvibes May 3, 2016 at 5:10 pm

      Hello, this issue has been resolved 🙂

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