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Track New Topics Easily with Tab Wizard

If you’ve created multiple dashboards on Netvibes, to cover an event or monitor new trends about a specific brand, for example, you’re already familiar with our “Dashboard Wizard“. Just enter a keyword or two and Netvibes automatically builds a ready-to-use dashboard with the most relevant sources, on any topic that’s important to you.

Ever wish this feature was also available for any new tab you create? Well, good news: Tab Wizard is here!

Just click “New Tab” (to the right of your last tab). Enter a keyword or topic you want to track. And presto, magic happens! Now your tab is filled with a dozen pre-selected sources, related to your topic. Neat, right?

Tab Wizard intelligently pulls the best sources from: Google News, Google Blog Search, Bing News, Yahoo News, WordPress Search, Twitter, Facebook, and top websites and blogs related to the topic, industry, company or brand you want to monitor.

This is a powerful way to for all users to instantly monitor and track new topics. But if you combine it with the adaptive analytics found in Netvibes Premium you also get accurate, noise-free, real-time analysis that is unmatched by any other solution. Only Netvibes Premium offers real-time social analytics based on an Open Corpus, which means you get 100% control over your sources of information (unlike other “black box” solutions). Better sources, better results.

Now you can add better sources instantly with Tab Wizard for even faster and more convenient dashboarding. When you are ready to take your analysis even deeper, you can further personalize your corpus and add real-time analytics and alerts with Netvibes Premium.

(Want a free trial of Netvibes Premium and a personal One-to-One demo? Register here.)

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    this actually is very good, if more than better

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