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3 Monitoring Tools for your Netvibes Dashboard

Lots of you are using Netvibes with the existing widgets you can find in the gallery but do you know you can also use some of our tools to integrate services which don’t have widgets yet?

Here, I’m covering 3 free services which will allow you to turn your Netvibes into a powerful dashboard to monitor what people are saying about your brand or favorite topic. I hope you’ll like those videos.
If you know of more of such monitoring services don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comments.

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Netvibes as a super search engine

There’s one thing you may not know about Netvibes: it supports more than 130 search engines across the world. They let you search for web pages, blog posts, images, videos, podcasts and goods with a twist: you always get the freshest results every time you open your page. Pretty handy when you need to monitor a specific keyword.

On Netvibes, you have multiple ways to search:

Google search field

Located below your page title, this search field lets you perform a regular Google search that will open the results in a new Netvibes tab.

Search widgets

There are 7 essential widgets that let you search with the 130+ search engines:

  • Web Search : for web pages
  • Blog Search : for blog posts
  • Images Search : for pictures and photos
  • Video Search : for video clips
  • Podcast Search : for podcast episodes
  • Map Search : for locations
  • Shopping Search : for books, DVDs, and all sort of goods

In each widget, you can choose the search engine you want to use. You can even mix engines to have a multimedia search widget.

Just click on the tab arrow, and select a search engine. There are many more engines to choose from in “Manage search engines…”.

Third party search widget

In addition to the built-in widgets, there are hundreds of search widgets made by developers. Most of them can be found in the Ecosystem, just look for search widgets.

That’s probably only the tip of the iceberg. If you know an interesting search widget or feel that one is missing, leave us a comment!


Netvibes now fully integrated with Google Search

A lot of you have asked for a way to fully integrate search within Netvibes. Today, we are really happy to bring you a new feature that will allow you to perform complete Google searches within your Netvibes page and have the results appear right in its own new tab. Since the beginning of the Web, people have constantly debated between starting via a homepage or by going to a search portal. Now you can have the best of both worlds, by accessing the full power of search without ever having to leave your personalized Netvibes page. Your widgets, feeds and friends will always be close at hand while you perform life’s daily searches, and you can save your results for as long as you’d like.

Nothing to do on your end: the search field will appear automatically on your page starting today. And since Netvibes is, as always, fully customizable you’ll be able to select a few options to make this new tool your very own!

Let me walk you through those easily configurable options:


The search field can be positioned above or below the page title or you can even hide it if you don’t like the feature. But if you love this option as much as we do and replace your page title with a simple search bar, just uncheck the “display title” option.


Every search result will by default open in a new Netvibes tab so you can easily compare, track or save different results. If you don’t like this behavior you can configure it so the results always show in the same tab. Now you can keep you search within your netvibes and switch, with a single click, between all result categories: Video, Blog, News, Images, Books…


The search engine can also be displayed on your public page but you’ll have to manually activate it since we didn’t want to break your existing designs. You can even create a tab which does a search on your name or company like I did on our own:


Searches are performed on but we respect the local content configured on your Netvibes so you’ll always have results which suits the best your country. In the future we’ll add more search engines so you’ll be able to switch between them to have your prefered local provider.

Lastly, we wanted to give a quick shout out to the Google Search team. They’ve just been great to work with. Merci! 😉

We’d love to hear your feedback, to please leave some thoughts in the comments once you play with our new features.