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Follow the latest tech news from the Dublin Tech Summit using your NETVIBES dashboard

Whether you are interested in articles around Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things or robotics, your NETVIBES dashboard is ideal for staying on top of the latest news and tracking important topics related to your job or industry. 

This week, April 10 – 11, kicks off the Dublin Tech Summit in Ireland—Europe’s fastest-growing tech conference, attracting more than 10,000 attendees from 70 countries. Speakers will address a wide variety of emerging tech topics and themes, with the goal of helping companies to accelerate their growth. 

Even if you can’t attend the conference, you can easily track all the latest news and announcements coming out of Ireland (or anywhere!) from your NETVIBES dashboard. Here are a few Irish-tech-related feeds that you can add to your dashboard to stay on top of the latest announcements:

If you need a refresher on how to customize the feeds and sources in your dashboard, please read our FAQ site“How do I add sources?”or “How do I import any article from the internet into my dashboard?”

Enjoy reading articles about your favorite topics! 

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In-App Insights: Discover new insights into your feeds

Want to know how “talkative” your favorite news source is, or how many articles from that feed are stored on your dashboard? Find out all this and more with In-App Insights, now available on your Netvibes dashboard.

Screenshot 2016-05-31 10.39.02

To find In-App Insights, simply click on the upper-right menu button for any source or feed on your dashboard. Then, click on “Insights.” You will instantly see stats related to the feed, including:

  • How many articles from this source are currently stored on your dashboard
  • Frequency of publishing: Talkative / Not Talkative
  • Number of posts this week
  • How often the feed updates on your dashboard
  • Last update (X minutes ago)
  • Next update (X minutes from now)

Want to keep more articles on your dashboard? Upgrade to Netvibes Premium and/or extend your AutoSave retention period. To learn more about your dashboard’s storage capabilities, please read our FAQ.

Questions? Contact us.

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New VIP & Premium Feature: Exportable RSS for Tracked Topics

Your dashboard may include a wide range of feeds: General news from the New York Times, tech news from TechCrunch and The Next Web, sport news from ESPN, your best friend’s personal blog, your mom’s cooking blog, etc.
What if you wanted to create an RSS feed that would gather all the articles about a specific topic but that is not tied down to a unique source? Now you can!


If you are a VIP or a Premium Netvibes user, you probably already know our Tracked Topics feature: When you use Universal Search, you can save your search by creating a Tracked Topic app. Once added to your dashboard, the app will be automatically updated as new related content comes into your dashboard via your feeds so that you never miss a piece of news that matters to you.

As much requested, you can now create an RSS feed from any Tracked Topic app – and in as few as 3 clicks:
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[Updated] All-New Netvibes Reader Empowers People to Read the Web More Thoughtfully (and Beautifully)

Edit 01/23: We’ve been carefully reviewing your feedback and decided to make some adjustments to our New Reader.

  • Web Site View will now be persistent for each feed
  • IE8 / Safari 5 improved support (for users of older iOS/OS X versions)
  • New Pinch-to-Zoom
  • Coming soon: Compact Mode (reduced line spacing) and Adaptive Width (to improve space usage on large screens)

Netvibes pioneered the personalized feed reader and dashboard, earning numerous awards from TechCrunch, TIME, PC World and others for its user-centric design. Following the closure of Google Reader and iGoogle last year, more than 500,000 new users have recently joined the millions that have already been using Netvibes to manage their daily digital lives, crawling 25 million new articles per day.


For the last months, we’ve been gathering your feedback and brainstorming on how to improve our Reader. And today, we’re happy to introduce our all-new Netvibes Reader, thoughtfully designed for optimum readability on all devices, prioritizing slow feeds you might have otherwise missed and enabling users to curate content that matters to them. Let’s take a look at what’s new and how the best reader just got better…

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Netvibes: A New Home For iGoogle Users

Back in June, we launched a special migration site to help Google Reader and iGoogle users move their feeds to Netvibes. And according to our stats, a lot of you have happily made the transition, especially during those last days.


On November 1st, it will be time for iGoogle to close its doors for good. Still not sure about your next home? Here’s a list of key benefits you’ll get from registering at Netvibes. For free.

  • multiple private dashboards
  • instant switch between feed reader and dashboard views
  • proprietary RSS technology & infrastructure
  • ecosystem with a library of more than 260,000 apps and feeds
  • real-time search streams, including Social Search for social monitoring
  • read feeds anywhere, even offline
  • works on any device (iPhone, iPad, Android, desktop browser)
  • read/unread articles sync across all devices
  • flexible customization

On top of that, we’ve got all the widgets you need to feel at home.

And there’s also a specially designed theme available, to make you feel even less nostalgic about Google. Try it out here.

As you can see, Netvibes is the perfect home for all your RSS feeds, and more. Want to join the family? Head over this page for an easy migration.

Welcome! 🙂

PS: Netvibes also offers premium products for individual professionals, agencies and enterprises, featuring custom social analytics, alerts and team collaboration. Check it out!


3 Monitoring Tools for your Netvibes Dashboard

Lots of you are using Netvibes with the existing widgets you can find in the gallery but do you know you can also use some of our tools to integrate services which don’t have widgets yet?

Here, I’m covering 3 free services which will allow you to turn your Netvibes into a powerful dashboard to monitor what people are saying about your brand or favorite topic. I hope you’ll like those videos.
If you know of more of such monitoring services don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comments.

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Towards the future of the real-time Web: Netvibes Instant Update architecture

Last week at the Techcrunch Real Time Stream CrunchUp we presented an promising new real-time feed architecture we’ve been working on. It’s fascinating how rapidly the world is embracing Twitter feeds and other real-time syndication technologies. However, traditional media content—in particular blog posts, news sites and RSS feeds—are lagging far behind. Literally.

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New views for your feeds

Last december, we enhanced the feeds by adding new views that makes RSS stand for “Really Sexy Syndication”. Today, we are pushing the concept further by adding four more ways to display your feeds.

For picture-oriented feeds: Classy Slideshows

These news views are tailored for feeds that mainly contain pictures. Either on a white or black background, images are the main characters.

Classy Slideshows

For text-oriented feeds: Headline view and Quick Details view

The following views are nice for displaying feeds that mainly contain text. They highlight the most recent title with either a picture or a nice font.

Classy Slideshows

To display your feeds with these new views, just click the “Edit” link on your widget and select the view in the pull down menu.


Create your own multifeed widget

Today I’d like to show you how you can create your own widget with a few feeds, without typing any code. In less than 5 minutes, you will get a widget like this one:

var BW = new UWA.BlogWidget({moduleUrl:’’}); BW.setConfiguration({‘title’:’ Blog’, ‘height’:’339′});

The first thing you have to do, is go to and click on “Create widget”.

Then, you have to choose which type of widget you want to create. In our case, we are going to select “Create a multifeed widget”.

On the next page, you are presented with the widget creator interface. On the left, you can see the widget parameters. On the right, is a live preview of the final widget. Enter the name and the feed URL for each tab of the widget. If you need more than two tabs, simply click on “Add a feed”.

Below the feed list, there a customization box for adding an image as header. You can upload a picture, crop it and change the background color.

Once your widget fully configured, press the button “Next step”.

In this next step, you have to enter information about your widget such as the title, the description or tags. This step is important because it ensures that your widget will be correctly indexed in the directory.

When done, just hit “Next step” to save you widget. That’s it! You can now install the widget on your page and share it with all your friends.

If you need to build a more complex widget, check out our Developers Network website. You will find all the documentation needed for coding an UWA widget that runs on Netvibes and many other widget platforms.


New icons and updated Magazine-like layouts

Yesterday, we have made a small update that some of you noticed.

First, we have made the tab options more discoverable with an explicit “Edit” link. This change helps novice users know what they can do with their page. However, we know that most experienced users prefer to cram as much information as possible in their page. That’s why we’ve added a new option to switch between text and icons. Located in the Settings panel, it will affect actions on both tabs and widgets.

Actions displayed with text or icons

Then, on popular demand, we have added the possibility to adjust the magazine-like layouts we introduced in December. It makes the feature even more powerful and flexible.

That’s all for this minor update. But stay tuned, we have more cool stuff coming in the next weeks!