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Feature spotlight: Widget & Reader Views

For all newcomers to Netvibes, here’s a quick bit of info you might not know: Netvibes offers two different views to display the info, the Widget & Reader views.

If you’ve got a lot of apps (Gmail, Weather, Twitter or Social widget), the first one is probably the most suited for you. It’s called the Widget view and displays the information through Widgets or Apps that can be easily moved on the Dashboard, via drag & drop. In Netvibes Premium, apps can also display Analytics, Smart Filters and can be combined to form new “Compare Widgets”.

Here’s what a Widget view dashboard looks like (click to enlarge):


Tip: if you’ve got too many apps, simply create a new tab and drag them there.

The other view is called the Reader view: it’s the typical way to consume RSS feeds. It uses a display similar to that used in most RSS aggregators and allows you to have a quick overview of all your feeds. It offers three different views: List, Expanded and Mosaic. You can also expand and read through an entire article by simply clicking on its title.

Here’s what a dashboard using the Reader view looks like (click to enlarge):


Tip: if you have apps or widgets that are not feeds, they’ll be listed in the “Other Apps” section.

Log in now and try both views to find the one that works for you. Got questions? Suggestions? Let us know here in the comments or on our UserVoice page. We’ll cover more tips and features in forthcoming posts. Stay tuned!