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Dashboard Everything. The answer to the real-time Web.

What moves faster than the speed of light? The real-time Web. Billions of tweets, comments, RSS feeds, chats, status updates, photos and videos are streamed from user to user, and then replicated and reposted infinitely over and over again–making those original bits defy physics by co-existing all around the world simultaneously–ultimately to reach out to […]

3 Analyzing Tools for your Netvibes Dashboard

After having covered those last weeks 3 Monitoring Tools for your Netvibes Dashboard and 3 Listening Tools for your Netvibes Dashboard we are going to conclude those posts with some analyzing tools. Having said that, here are 3 free services which will allow you to turn your Netvibes into a powerful dashboard to gather some […]

3 Monitoring Tools for your Netvibes Dashboard

Lots of you are using Netvibes with the existing widgets you can find in the gallery but do you know you can also use some of our tools to integrate services which don’t have widgets yet? Here, I’m covering 3 free services which will allow you to turn your Netvibes into a powerful dashboard to […]

10 new animated themes to personalize your page

A few months ago, we introduced a new way to personalize your page with the Theme API. This XML format allows anyone to create a theme for Netvibes. Today, we’re bringing life to these themes by supporting animated themes! With this new capability, you can now create themes that evolve with your day.

New theme and theme API update

For this winter, Netvibes is getting a new default theme. Named Lumi (which means snow in Finnish), this theme shows new widget and tab styles. Both simple and colorful, it will brighten the dark winter days. To apply this theme, simply go to “Settings” and select “Lumi”. Today, we’re also upgrading the XML theme API. […]

Netvibes wallpapers for your desktop

If you want to show your love to Netvibes, we have cool wallpapers for you. Our graphic designers, who already created the themes for your personalized page, handcrafted those 9 original images to bring some eye-candy to your desktop. We have the most common sizes to make sure they fit to your resolution. Download the […]

100 New Themes

Not to be outdone by this season’s fashion weeks in London, Milan and Paris, Netvibes introduces it’s new Fall collection of themes: 100 to be exact, in a variety of colors and categories, from scenery to seasons, cartoons, holidays and more. Get stylish with a new theme simply by clicking Settings on the upper-right corner […]