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A step towards a greener Netvibes

EDIT : Your various feedback has been taken into account and we have decided to push a new transparent idle mode 🙂

After implementing SmartTagging and Real-Time Advanced Search, Netvibes continues to seek new ways of improving your daily Dashboard experience.

Constantly listening to your suggestions, we have implemented a couple of new features and polished the interface.

Idle Mode

To give our servers some rest and limit their energy consumption, we’ve implemented a new “Idle Mode”. After a while, if you’re not doing anything on your Dashboard, it will automatically switch to an idle mode, while remaining available as soon as you’re ready to get back to work.

Following a regular request from our users, we’ve added a “Multi-Select” feature to our Dashboards. From now on, you won’t have to select all the relevant elements one by one. Simply check the “Multi-Select” box, select the appropriate time period and that’s it!

Interface Polishing
In addition to these new features, we’ve also provided our Dashboards with a few cosmetic improvements: a smaller Facebook “Like” button, Reader View enhancements, better placement for “action” and “views” buttons, and many other things. All in all, improvements aimed at making the interface more discreet while leaving more space for content.

Log in to Dashboard right now to discover all those new things. And as usual, feel free to send us your feedback.

Dashboard Intelligence

Now you can SmartTag anytime, anywhere, on the Web and on the go!

Last year, we introduced SmartTagging to our Premium Dashboard as a way to help people and organizations self-organize and extract deep knowledge from real-time content. It’s more than just tagging — it records user sentiment and uses it to extract real meaning. (Check out a quick video about SmartTagging here.)

Obviously, the more you SmartTag, the more live trends, sentiments and expert opinions you can uncover. That’s why we’re created two new ways to SmartTag anytime, anywhere: on the Web with the new SmartTag Bookmarklet and on your mobile device with Netvibes Mobile.

The best part is that no matter where you SmartTag, it’s all synced in real-time to your Netvibes Dashboard. Read on for more.

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Become a Netvibes VIP: 1-Day Priority Support, Early Beta Access & Exclusive Goodies

Ever since we launched Netvibes in 2005, millions of users have been discovering new ways to use Netvibes in their professional lives:
  • Teachers are using Netvibes to create customized lesson plans and student dashboards.
  • City halls and libraries use Netvibes to create personalizable community portals.
  • Non-profits use Netvibes to track and raise awareness around important community issues.
  • Designers and developers rely on Netvibes as a Web design tool and universal widget distribution platform.

So we asked ourselves, how could we better support all the important projects that individual professionals and non-profits are doing on Netvibes? The answer is the Netvibes VIP Program, a professional 1-day priority support system for your dashboard projects.

You can sign up to become one of our very first Netvibes VIPs here:

The Netvibes VIP Program is $39/€29.90 per year and offers:

  • 1-Day Priority Support: Guaranteed answers and help on any dashboard or development project within 24 hours
  • Early Beta Access: Exclusive invitations to try our latest new features and dashboard design tools first before they are available to the public.
  • VIP Status: Special VIP user status on (tagged on your user icon, activity feeds and forums), plus exclusive invitations to future Netvibes parties in the US and Europe.
  • Exclusive VIP Goodies: Netvibes T-Shirt, stickers, custom themes and more!
Moreover, this guarantees our service commitment to your organization and any dashboarding project that might come your way. Want to create a new classroom dashboard for your school or community activism portal for your organization, but not sure where to start? Have questions about how to tweak the design of your community portal by adding HTML? Need help in connecting your widget to our Universal Widget API (UWA) and distributing it on the Netvibes Ecosystem? Love Netvibes and want to show your support (and get access to all the latest betas and launch parties)? Netvibes VIP is the answer.
Join now!
This year, Netvibes turns five and we wouldn’t have made it without your support for all these years. We will continue to try new ways to provide even more cool new features and services to return the favor. Suggestions? Ideas? Let us know what you think : Twitter, Facebook or email !