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New VIP & Premium Feature: Exportable RSS for Tracked Topics

Your dashboard may include a wide range of feeds: General news from the New York Times, tech news from TechCrunch and The Next Web, sport news from ESPN, your best friend’s personal blog, your mom’s cooking blog, etc. 
What if you wanted to create an RSS feed that would gather all the articles about a […]

Live Dashboard: CES 2014

Like every year, Netvibes will be covering the annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) through one of our Live Dashboards. The CES is one of the biggest gathering about technology and this year, it will take place between the 7th and 10th of January in Las Vegas. To make sure you won’t miss a thing, Netvibes […]

New Premium App: Twitter Search & Compare

Last year, we released our Facebook Search & Compare app for Netvibes Premium which allowed you, as the name aptly suggests, to compare different Facebook fan pages over time. Today we’re happy to introduce our brand new Twitter Search & Compare app which will allow you to do the same with search trends on Twitter, […]

How To Monitor Social Media with Netvibes Dashboards

Whether you’re a multinational brand or a small startup, tracking your social presence is a round the clock job. How can you keep track of your brand, product or competitors’ social presence across multiple social platforms? Fortunately, Netvibes offers the best tools to easily keep track on everything that’s happening out there on the social […]

How To Build The Perfect Corpus

As discussed in our previous article, only Netvibes Premium lets you create as many industry or product-specific corpora (libraries of sources) as you like for accurate, noise-free, segmented results. Now you can compare overall trends versus what your specific industry or influencers are saying. Since you can add new sources or influencers as you discover […]

Live Dashboard: LeWeb'12

LeWeb, the first European event focused on the Internet and new technologies, will be held in Paris between the 4th and 6th of December. Netvibes will take part in the event by offering extensive coverage through a dedicated Live Dashboard. Want to get all the relevant info you need in one single place? Look no […]

Live Dashboard: US Presidential Election 2012

The race is on. On November the 6th, the United States will elect a President for the 57th time since the birth of their country. Will Barack Obama, the actual president, be confirmed in his position? Or will Mitt Romney, former Governor of Massachusetts, take everyone by surprise and win his way to the White […]

Live Dashboard: Paris Motor Show 2012

Are you a cars enthusiast? Then this is for you: from Sept 29 to Oct 14, Paris will be hosting the 2012 Motor Show. Concept cars, new production models and a whole lot more, this is an unmissable event if you love cars. Afraid you might miss an important announcement? Want to know all about […]

Netvibes Offers a Truly Multilingual Experience

ミナさんこんにちは!Did you know that Netvibes is used in more than 100+ countries? Today, we support nearly 50 languages — including 100% native UI versions in Japanese, Spanish, English and French. ¡Qué bueno! Read on to learn about all the languages we support and how you can get involved.