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Science in the Age of Experience: Follow science news from your NETVIBES Dashboard

Science empowers us to change the world. By combining science and technology, we are accelerating innovation cycles to usher in a new era of discovery and understanding. 

Join us for the Science in the Age of Experience conference, to be held October 14 – 15, 2019 in Boston, hosted by BIOVIA and Dassault Systèmes.

Explore how innovations in AI, machine learning and big data analytics are enabling scientists to ask bigger questions and leverage data in new ways in order to uncover new breakthroughs. 

Whether you attend the Science in the Age of Experience event in Boston, or you’re traveling around the world, your very own NETVIBES dashboard makes it easy to follow key topics and all the latest news that matters most to your business or industry. For example, you can create a Tracked Topic around a general keyword like “robotics,” or you can narrow down the search using Boolean terms and home in on exactly the articles and topics you want to read about. 

Here are some science-related news feeds you can try adding to your dashboard:

Ready to try a NETVIBES dashboard for yourself? Watch the video to get started for free.


Netvibes Insights – Social Media Strategies for Life Sciences

Join us, June 7, 12PM EST, as Social Media Specialists at Netvibes and Life Science Industry professionals from Dassault Systèmes discuss the issues and best practices in social media for Life Sciences.

Every month, Netvibes Insights takes you behind the scenes of today’s top brands using dashboard intelligence. Who are the influencers? How do people perceive their products? What are the differences between their social media strategies?

This month’s session is “Social Media Strategies for Life Sciences”. How should Pharma, Medical Device and Life Science companies approach social media? Discover:

  • How Pierre Fabre, GE Healthcare & Abbott use Twitter and Facebook
  • How life science companies spot emerging opportunities and threats
  • Why FDA guidelines may affect your social monitoring strategy

Go to to signup — and also see videos and demo dashboards from past webinars where we analyzed Kraft, Groupon and Nike.