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Netvibes Premium 1.3: New Visual Reporting and Exporting

Ever wish you could save time and automate reports to your team or clients? Want to quickly export social analytics from Netvibes Premium to your spreadsheet or presentation? Now it’s easy with our new visual reporting and exporting features for Netvibes Premium.

Now you can get automated, custom designed reports sent to your team, clients or yourself – including your latest social analytics charts.

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New Netvibes Ecosystem 3: Better, Faster & More Platforms!

Netvibes continues to grow and user signups have increased 25% on a weekly basis since two weeks ago. This means more of our dashboard apps are being used than ever before.

That’s why we’ve made major improvements to the Netvibes Ecosystem to help deliver apps faster, cleaner and to even more users on more platforms. Now you can even install your favorite Netvibes apps on Chrome and Blogger!

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Talking Netvibes: Using The Netvibes APIs To Make Your Dashboard Talk

Discover the very first 3rd party iOS app that takes full advantage of Netvibes APIs: Talking Netvibes, powered by Odiogo, leading provider of cloud-based audio solutions on the go. A clever app that will make your iPhone read your personal news selection out loud, directly from your Netvibes Dashboard.

Browse throughout your dashboard, tabs and widgets to view and, most importantly, to listen to any story. Social sharing features also allow you to share articles via email, twitter or Facebook.

“Allowing partners and third party providers such as Odiogo to connect with the Netvibes environment via a set of secured APIs, is at the cornerstone of our strategy. We salute Odiogo’s initiative to provide to our large community, of both individual users and corporations, an innovative and convenient way to access the content of their Netvibes dashboards.” (Freddy Mini, CEO of Netvibes)

“The information overload drives users to seek ways to access information in ‘eyes-busy’ situations, for example when driving, exercising and cooking. This Odiogo technology combined with Netvibes dashboards, allows users to create their personalized audio news bulletin with the news sources that they trust. Also, the audio feature proves itself to be extremely convenient for visually impaired users or for those experiencing difficulties reading on a small screen, as well as for language learners.” (Marc Kawam, CEO of Odiogo)

The application is available on the Apple Store ( at $2.99. Six month worth of subscription is offered with the purchase of the application. After the 6-month period, an In-App purchase permits a renewal of the service for another 6 months, and so on.

Want to know more about Netvibes APIs and developing your own apps? Get in touch!

Dashboard Intelligence, Partners

Introducing Netvibes Studio by eXo: A Super Fast Way to Develop and Distribute Universal Apps

Dashboard intelligence helps organizations listen to everything, learn from everyone and act in real-time. We make this possible by providing our clients with nearly 200,000 web apps and custom app development services, so they can monitor and manage all the web apps and services that matter to their business, on real-time dashboards, accessible across all locations and mobile devices. In fact, we already serve more than 500,000,000,000–half a billion–web apps every month.

No wonder why many of the global agencies and Fortune 500 enterprises using our Dashboard Intelligence platform have asked us if there was a way to rapidly develop and distribute their own apps with Netvibes. Now there is: Netvibes Studio, the first dedicated development environment for building universal apps on the Netvibes platform.

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New Netvibes mobile and tablet version

Eight months ago, we launched the first Netvibes mobile version dubbed “Dashboard Anywhere”. Many of you showed interest in the project and gave us interesting feedback that we took into account to make it evolve.

A native look & feel user interface, a new design with split and floating views for tablets, touch functions, menus with icons, a lot of optimizations… and much more! Watch the trailer:

This new version adapts itself to your device automatically. Wanna try it out? It’s very easy:

  • Launch your device’s browser
  • Go to “
  • Use your login and password: you now have access to your dashboards!

Want to enable offline mode to read and flag your articles? It’s possible with the settings button in the bottom right corner (More about offline mode: “Introducing new Offline mobile access“).

Dashboard Everything and now Dashboard Anywhere, with or without internet connection. Available for all users and customers today, for free, on

To add Netvibes on your iPhone/iPad springboard

  • Run Safari
  • Go to “”
  • Click on option button
  • Select “Add to Home Screen”

On your Android phone/tablet

  • Run your browser
  • Go to “”
  • Add it to your bookmarks
  • Go back to home screen, make a long click on your background
  • Select Shortcuts, Bookmark and Netvibes

Feel free to discuss it and send us feedback via Twitter and Facebook!


Dashboard Anytime. Introducing new Offline mobile access.

First we promised to help you “dashboard everything” on the real-time Web and fulfilled this promise with 1-Click Dashboards and Wasabi’s 2-in-1 Smart Reader. Then we helped you “dashboard anywhere” with new mobile versions for Android, iPad and iPhone, featuring real read/unread syncing across all platforms.

Starting today, now you can “dashboard anytime” and continue to read your favorite feeds even when you’re offline. Now when you go offline, you will see a special notification that you’re in “offline mode” and you can still continue to read articles. Even better, you can organize articles and mark posts to read them later when you get back online.

The next time you go back online, your read/unread counts and Read Later lists will automatically be synced to your account and all of your other devices. This means that even if you’re in a subway under the ocean or on a plane up in the sky, you can continue to read all your feeds, and when you get back to your home or office, it will all be synced up! How cool is that?

As you know, Netvibes is not a startpage. It’s an enterprise strength real-time dashboard that’s also used by agencies, brands, governments and enterprises around the world. Our latest innovations this year enable world-class organizations to “dashboard everything, anywhere, anytime across all devices”, even while traveling in locations without Internet access. This makes sure that you can be always on, even when you’re on the go.

Let us know what you think on Twitter and Facebook!


New Netvibes on Android and iPhone now live!

As promised when we released Netvibes on iPad two weeks ago, we are super excited to offer this version for the first time on Android and update our existing iPhone version.
All 3 versions now share the same core user experience and nicely adapt to your favorite device.

Immediate benefit is a continuous experience across any devices. Start reading and monitoring from your PC or Mac, continue on your iPhone or Android while commuting and finish your day on your iPad, Netvibes will provide a continuous experience throughout your day, no matter what device you use, read/unread articles are automatically and real time synchronized.

Enjoy it now. Everything is live and ready for you at:

As a reminder, the iPad one is available at:

Next enhancements in a couple of weeks should include the split view for the iPad and we are also working on some missing features like “mark as unread” or “display only unread items”

Let us know if you’d like to see some other features in those mobile versions.


* [Android/iPhone] NEW: adressBar is automatically hidden to offer more space for content
* [Android/iPhone/iPad] NEW: updated CSS design for login screen on iPhone/Android and iPad
* [Android/iPhone] FIXED: When scrolling, touched item is no longer highlighted like a “tap” since it did slow down the scrolling
* [Android/iPhone] FIXED: from an article, clicking “Back” no longer reloads the entire list of feed items
* [Android/iPhone] FIXED: clicking “Back” before the end of the loading no longer displays a blank screen
* [Android/iPhone] FIXED: when visiting a blog post’s source, a click on the browser’s “back” button to go back to Netvibes no longer randomly displays a blank page
* [Android/iPhone] FIXED: large images inside articles are now adapted to 100% width
* [Android/iPhone] FIXED: there were too many lines of content preview in the list of feed items
* [Android/iPhone] FIXED: tabs or widgets with very long titles no longer overlap unread counters
* [Android/iPhone] FIXED: font-size for articles has been increased by 1px
* [Android/iPhone] FIXED: UWA widgets: iframed content can now be scrolled
* [Android only] FIXED: broken scrolling/navigation on Android devices
* [iOS4 only] FIXED: conflict with HTML5 support of ‘hashchange’ native event in iOS4 is fixed
* [iPhone only] FIXED: orientation change to landscape no longer brings strange font-size adjustments


Netvibes for mobile, iPhone and iPod touch get Multiple Personalized Pages

Last week, we introduced the Multiple Personalized Pages that allows you to create a Personalized Page for each aspect of your digital life. We just upgraded the mobile version of Netvibes so you can access these pages on the go too. As usual, the mobile website is available at It should work with any WAP 2.0 handset and Webkit-enabled devices, including the iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberries and Android phones.

Depending on your phone capabilities, you will get either the basic or the advanced mobile website.

Switching to another page with the basic version

With the basic version, your Page list is displayed at the bottom of every page. Simply select your page and click “Go” to access the desired page.

Switching to another page with the advanced version

With the advanced version, taping on the page title will unfold the Page list. Simply tap on the page name to open it.

If you encounter any problem with the mobile version of Netvibes, send us a message at


Going mobile: netvibes in your pocket

We are pleased to announce that we just improved our mobile and introduced a brand new iPhone version of netvibes. You can now access your page from any mobile phone.

Just try it. Once again we tried to make it very simple, just being able to browse all your tabs, feeds, webnotes, todo-lists, search modules, and some essential applications widgets like Facebook (with photos), email, Twitter, all in one.

Now you can also browse netvibes Universe on your mobile ! For example, you can check Techcrunch mobile Universe at

Netvibes goes iPhone.

The iPhone version is an opportunity to extend our Universal Widget API to the iPhone. You can now experience your netvibes with your fingertips and all the UWA widgets created by the Developer community are now iPhone powered !

You can give it a try even if you are not lucky enough to have an iPhone at (tip: rumour has it that the iPhone version works on some other mobile phones)

Try it, you’ll love it !

To give it a try, just go to and sign in with your regular account and voila, netvibes follows you everywhere.

Enjoy and let us know any improvements you would like to see, for our next update!

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