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Netvibes Insights – Financial Services: The New Social Ticker

Update: the full Insights video is now online, watch it for free!

This Thursday, join us for Financial Services: The New Social Ticker.

We will explore how both institutional and retail financial services can accelerate their product innovation processes by identifying opportunities in social media, emerging regulations and collaborative knowledge sharing. Examples include: State Street, Fidelity, Hartford Life, Metlife, AXA, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, HSBC.

When? April 5th 2012
US time: 10am PT, 1pm ET
EU time: 10am CET (Paris time)

Every month, Netvibes Insights takes you behind the scenes of today’s top brands using dashboard intelligence. Who are the influencers? How do people perceive their products? What are the differences between their social media strategies?

Join us as we feature industry experts and their insights into the future of social media and digital content in financial services. We’ll learn how companies like BNP Paribas, HSBC and Fidelity handle their online presence.

We’ll also discover:

  • How institutional and retail financial services tackle social media and traditional PR differently
  • What regulations the expert community is really concerned about (Solvency II and data privacy for insurance companies, and EMIR and UCITS 4 for financial markets)
  • How to develop products faster by listening to the online conversation and by using the collaborative tools of our Dashboards (like SmartTagging)

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