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Is your dashboard running slow? 3 Common Myths About Social Analytics – and How to Fix Them!

Odds are, if you work at an agency and manage a brand, you’re already using social analytics or listening tools to monitor your brand presence on the Web. At first, the marketing promises of “real-time, social monitoring” sounded alluring. However, the reality is that most social analytics today often fail to meet your (and your client’s) expectations. Why?

It’s because most social analytics aren’t technically designed to do what they are marketed to do. In fact, there are three common myths you should know about social analytics:

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Listen & Learn from Twitter, Facebook & Forums with our new 3-in-1 Social Search App

Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep an eye on social chatter and discussion boards in real-time, all in one app? Now you can with our new 3-in-1 Social Search app.

It combines 3 indispensable social monitoring tools together:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • BoardReader

Social Search lets you search for any topic across all 3 services and delivers results to you in one merged stream, all in real-time. Just type a keyword, click and go. It’s easy.

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Netvibes Social Pack In The Press

A few days ago we previewed our next big thing: Netvibes Social Pack, the first complete platform that enables users to accomplish monitoring AND analysis side-by-side.

Here’s what the international tech press had to say about it:

Netvibes Launches Social Analytics Platform. […] with Social Pack, brands and agencies have an additional tool in their arsenal, giving them, for example the ability to create new apps for deep analysis of, say a blogger’s influence over time.” (

Netvibes goes social with new enterprise offering. With the latest additions, Netvibes is solidifying its new status as a enterprise software-as-a-service company — a significant step beyond the consumer RSS feed aggregator it started as. […] The social analytics capabilities are quite comprehensive, and should prove popular among the company’s existing customers, many of whom populate the Fortune 500 list.” (GigaOM)

Netvibes Debuts Powerful Social Analytics Platform For Brands And Agencies. The platform will identify trends, sentiment, influencers and ideas. You can dig pretty deep with data as well.” (TechCrunch)

[…] Netvibes Sweeten[s] Social Analytics Pot. In addition to the social monitoring basics — identifying trends, sentiment, influencers, etc. — Social Pack enables brands to create apps to analyze specific keywords from a single influencer. Also, the Social Corpus feature allows brands and agencies to easily manage which social sources are tapped for data.” (Adotas)

Netvibes Previews Social Pack, a New Social Analytics Solution. Getting monitoring and analytics in a single solution is nice […]. [And] the drill-down capabilities for analytics and the ability to set up custom analytic tracking sounds pretty nice.” (CMSWire)

Netvibes launches a new tool for enterprises. A companion to Dashboard Intelligence, launched in 2010, Social Pack measures “social noise” on the web and more precisely on social media, blogs and social networks.” (Locita)

Stay tuned for more information about Social Pack. More videos are coming soon!


Some issues with Facebook…

EDIT : Everything is now back to normal, Facebook and Netvibes are again working hand in hand without a glitch.

These past few days, some of our users have been experiencing difficulties connecting their Netvibes dashboard with Facebook. These issues include: signing up on Netvibes via Facebook Connect, adding a Facebook widget on a Netvibes dashboard and posting Netvibes links on a Facebook wall.

We are aware of the situation and are working closely with the Facebook teams to find a solution as quickly as possible.

We will of course keep you informed of any progress made towards a resolution of these issues. Thank you for your understanding.

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(Opening) Netvibes Live Dashboard: LeWeb 2010

As we announced a few days ago, Netvibes is taking part of LeWeb 2010 with a dedicated portal allowing everyone to follow the event in real time: pictures, events schedule, conferences, articles and blogs, conversations, speakers, videos and podcasts produced on site. Everything about LeWeb 2010 is on ! Join now.

Netvies Live Dashboard: LeWeb 2010

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