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V2 of Facebook’s Graph API: What to expect on Netvibes dashboards

On April 30, Facebook will release version 2 of its Facebook Graph API, which enables Netvibes to connect Facebook data to your dashboard. Because of changes coming from Facebook, you may notice some differences on your dashboard going forward. Here’s what to expect:

Main Changes:

1. Linking your accounts: The new API requires that you must link your Netvibes and Facebook accounts in order to be able to search and gather Facebook data. Your dashboard will prompt you to do this. You may link as many Facebook accounts as you wish.

2. Facebook’s public post search will no longer be available. If your dashboard has an existing Facebook public search app, the app will stop working after April 30 and display an error message. Going forward, you must link a Facebook account, and Netvibes will then allow you to read/search/analyze Facebook content that is available through your linked Facebook account(s).

Improvements for Netvibes users:

1. Search and Analytics: Available user posts or fan page posts will now be indexed in Netvibes and available for Search, Tracked Topics and Analytics (Netvibes Premium dashboards only)
2. Access to Restricted Pages: Netvibes can now crunch content from restricted fan pages, as long as the user meets the fan page requirements (e.g. age or location)
3. Streamlined Reader Experience: Facebook user posts or fan page posts will now be displayed as a stream of content in Netvibes’ Reader View
4. SmartTagging (Premium dashboards only): Netvibes users can now tag, save, or blacklist any posts coming from a Facebook user or a fan page
5. API limits: Facebook’s API limit will now be applied to each linked Facebook account. This means you can increase your limit by linking additional Facebook accounts.


Facebook no longer allows us to retrieve your News Feed in our Facebook app.

This includes:
News feed – Photos
News feed – Status
News feed – Videos

General, Product Updates

New at Netvibes: Upgrades to our Search & Compare premium apps for Facebook and Twitter

Following our recent updates to MisoData and app design, it’s now time for the Search & Compare apps to get their shiny upgrade.

As always, the Search & Compare apps allow you to search for people and brands on Twitter and for pages on Facebook to monitor their social activity over time.


You can then easily drag-and-compare each app to create a new competitive analysis chart showing all the data. It’s so easy that it even works with MisoData apps so you can compare social media data with your own internal data. For example, analyze the relationship between your sales numbers and Facebook likes, or see how Twitter mentions correlate with your website traffic.

Now upgraded, the Search & Compare apps provide you even more flexibility and a deeper understanding of what you see:
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Dashboard Intelligence

How To Monitor Social Media with Netvibes Dashboards

Whether you’re a multinational brand or a small startup, tracking your social presence is a round the clock job. How can you keep track of your brand, product or competitors’ social presence across multiple social platforms?

Fortunately, Netvibes offers the best tools to easily keep track on everything that’s happening out there on the social web. Today, we’ll show you how to quickly setup your dashboard to manage and post to your social media accounts–and monitor what’s being said publicly on Twitter, Facebook and Forums.


Let’s look at our top 3 Social Monitoring apps and how to use them:

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Goodbye Social, Hello Social!

As part of our ongoing evolution, and after giving it a lot of thought, we’ve decided to formally close Netvibes’ internal social network. Instead, we’re constantly opening our doors to allow you to integrate all the best social services for both consumers and Enterprise users–from Facebook to Yammer–all on Netvibes.

Here are just a few examples of some of our built-in social apps:

  • Facebook – There are 3 ways to manage Facebook: Facebook Profile (manage your personal profile), Social Search (see what people are saying) and Facebook Search & Compare (track & compare Fan pages – for Premium Users only).
  • Twitter – Post to your account with our Twitter app or use Social Search to follow new trends and influencers.
  • Social Search – Use our 3-in-1 Social Search app to search Facebook, Twitter and BoardReader message boards all at once. Then, simply drag-and-follow hashtags or users to create new apps to track topics and influencers as you discover them.

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Product Updates

New Facebook Profile App for Brands & Businesses

As mentioned recently, Netvibes already offers 3 different ways to manage Facebook: Facebook Profile (manage your personal profile), Social Search (see what people are saying) and Facebook Search & Compare (track & compare Fan pages).

We wanted to take it a step further by updating our Facebook Profile app with new features to help you manage not just your personal profile–but your brand’s Fan page, too! Now professionals and businesses using Netvibes Premium can administer and post directly to their Fan page.

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Product Updates

New Facebook Search & Compare Trends

Want to monitor how your Facebook Fan Page is doing? Want to compare different search trends over time? Now you can with our new Facebook Search & Compare app (you need to log in to your Netvibes account first).

Facebook Search & Compare is available for all Netvibes Premium users.

Social marketers and brand managers need to be able to access, monitor, analyze, track, compare and manage their social media in many different ways. We know that just one view isn’t good enough to understand the whole story. We know that static reports are time-consuming and quickly out of date. That’s why Netvibes Premium is the only solution that offers an adaptive workflow.

Unlike other tools that offer you just one way of analyzing Facebook, Netvibes offers you 3 separate apps for 3 different uses:

  1. Facebook Profile app – Post to your wall, manage your account and respond to comments.
  2. Facebook Search app – Search for what people are saying and use our Drag-and-Follow feature to create new apps to follow new, emerging topics, a user or a fan page.
  3. And now our new Facebook Search & Compare app – Track and compare Fan Pages and their followers.

Just search for the keywords or Fan Pages you want to want to track. Then add them to compare them with others. Simple as pie!

Stay tuned for even more ways to monitor and analyze Facebook. If you want a private One-to-One demo of Netvibes, just let us know. We’d be happy to give you a tour.


Netvibes Insights – Social Media Strategies for Life Sciences

Join us, June 7, 12PM EST, as Social Media Specialists at Netvibes and Life Science Industry professionals from Dassault Systèmes discuss the issues and best practices in social media for Life Sciences.

Every month, Netvibes Insights takes you behind the scenes of today’s top brands using dashboard intelligence. Who are the influencers? How do people perceive their products? What are the differences between their social media strategies?

This month’s session is “Social Media Strategies for Life Sciences”. How should Pharma, Medical Device and Life Science companies approach social media? Discover:

  • How Pierre Fabre, GE Healthcare & Abbott use Twitter and Facebook
  • How life science companies spot emerging opportunities and threats
  • Why FDA guidelines may affect your social monitoring strategy

Go to to signup — and also see videos and demo dashboards from past webinars where we analyzed Kraft, Groupon and Nike.

Dashboard Intelligence

Track New Topics Easily with Tab Wizard

If you’ve created multiple dashboards on Netvibes, to cover an event or monitor new trends about a specific brand, for example, you’re already familiar with our “Dashboard Wizard“. Just enter a keyword or two and Netvibes automatically builds a ready-to-use dashboard with the most relevant sources, on any topic that’s important to you.

Ever wish this feature was also available for any new tab you create? Well, good news: Tab Wizard is here!

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Product Updates

Netvibes Premium Dashboard 1.2: New Features & Improvements

It’s been two months since we launched Netvibes Premium, our powerful analytics solution for brand managers and social media professionals, and we’re constantly listening to our users remarks and suggestions to make it an even better product.

This week we’ll launch new features and improvements for both our Premium and Basic dashboards.

Social Pack Improvements (for Premium)

We listened to your feedbacks and improved our charts to make them more readable in all situations, even with large scales and extended period of analysis. We also added a color picker which allows you to choose between five different colors for every social pack widget and add clarity to your dashboard.

Highlights on charts have also been improved: relevant legend is now highlighted when you move your mouse over a particular section of a chart. And vice versa.

On widgets with sources or authors, you can now go directly to the domain by simply clicking on the favicon on the left. You can also switch to a new view that lists all unique sources, with no limitation.

Facebook Improvements (for Basic & Premium)

But we also thought about our Basic users and upgraded our Facebook widget. The widget will now allow you to drag & follow any user name or page in your timeline to start following it in a new widget. Easy!

Another thing you can now do with the Facebook widget is collapse or expand it. To gain space on your Dashboard, you can choose to only show its description and expand it back to the full widget when you need to have access to the whole timeline. Perfect for users who need to monitor a lot of Facebook timelines.

Finally we’re happy to introduce our brand new Facebook Search widget. Easily parse through your Facebook content, unveil mentions and monitor brands or topics. Add it on your dashboard and try it right away!

As you can see, there are new things for everyone, both our Basic and Premium users. And if you want to discover our Premium solution with analytics features and see how it works, why not sign up for a free trial upgrade to Netvibes Premium today and try it out?