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UWA Documentation: Remake Your iGoogle Gadgets For Netvibes

iGoogle is closing in a few days. Most people have already moved to a new service, a lot of you have chosen Netvibes (using our migration tool) and we’re very proud of that. And to make sure you feel at home, today we’re releasing a brand new UWA (Universal Web Apps) documentation, to help developers port their iGoogle gadgets to Netvibes without hassle.


Still looking for your next home after iGoogle closure? Read about all the key benefits you’ll get from registering at Netvibes. For free. Need help building your first dashboard? Read our tutorial.

Plus we’ve got brand new templates to suit all your topical needs: finance, news, sports, videogames, movies & tv, and even a special “refugee” template for all our ex-iGoogle friends.

Now you’re probably asking yourself: that’s great for all my RSS feeds, but what about my gadgets?

That’s what the big news of today is about: the availability of our revised documentation for UWA. Many gadget developers requested this, and it will help them create brand new widgets (or port their favorite ones from iGoogle).

It contains tutorials and sample widgets to get started, as well as a comprehensive documentation for the client-side JavaScript Framework used to render and build Apps with cross-envrionment compatibility.


Whether you’re looking for the best dashboard to monitor everything or looking to develop your own apps, Netvibes is the perfect home for you. Want to join the family? Head over this page for an easy migration.

Welcome! 🙂

PS: Netvibes also offers premium products for individual professionals, agencies and enterprises, featuring custom social analytics, alerts and team collaboration. Check it out!