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How To Build The Perfect Corpus

As discussed in our previous article, only Netvibes Premium lets you create as many industry or product-specific corpora (libraries of sources) as you like for accurate, noise-free, segmented results. Now you can compare overall trends versus what your specific industry or influencers are saying. Since you can add new sources or influencers as you discover them, your libraries can evolve as fast as (or even faster than) your industry does.

In this article we’ll show you how to get started quickly in minutes, then refine your corpus as you go along for better and better results.

Get Started Quickly – Build a General Corpus


  • Use our Tab Wizard to create a general corpus. Simply type a keyword and let Netvibes do the rest and populate your tab with relevant content to start things up.
  • Add Google Search & Social Search. Go to Add Content, add both apps from the Essentials selection. Create multiple ones for different terms (e.g. if you’re monitoring the sportswear industry “Air Jordan”, “Nike” and “sneakers”).

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