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Dashboard Everything. The answer to the real-time Web.

What moves faster than the speed of light? The real-time Web.

Billions of tweets, comments, RSS feeds, chats, status updates, photos and videos are streamed from user to user, and then replicated and reposted infinitely over and over again–making those original bits defy physics by co-existing all around the world simultaneously–ultimately to reach out to you! Whew!

So how can we manage it all? Dashboard Everything.

When Netvibes first started, our motto was “(re)mix the Web“. It was about accelerating how people experience the Web by bringing together all of their favorite parts of the Web into one personalized place. The ultimate evolution of that led us to create Netvibes Wasabi–the ultimate dashboard for the real-time Web.

Netvibes Dashboards are way more than startpages. Our smart reader lets you view content like a live magazine or as a universal stream of everything that matters to you. Our “drag-and-follow” Twitter widgets let you quickly make new widgets to track new trending topics on the fly. Our push publishing in our Premium Dashboard offering and RSS acceleration technologies dramatically accelerate how quickly content is delivered to you. In short, Netvibes Dashboards are the best and only way to manage your entire real-time Web–not just Twitter or Facebook, but literally every single blog, photo, video, blurb and bit that you want to keep track of.

Our new motto reflects this evolution and is also the answer to how to manage the real-time Web: Dashboard Everything.

Dashboard Everything

The first era of the Web was browsing organized directories (like AOL or Yahoo!). Then as the Web grew larger, we entered the era of search (like Google). But with the explosion of real-time streams, search isn’t enough. In this third era, dashboarding offers a new way to interact with the Web, where it all comes to you, automatically, instead of you going out to it. Netvibes Dashboards let you put all of those streams right into one convenient place, personalized by you and automatically organized, updated and delivered by us.

So how can you get started dashboarding? The Dashboarding Guide

We’ve organized more than 100 of the best tools out there for helping you get started monitoring, listening and analyzing the real-time Web. Monitoring tools like customized Google News search and Digg widgets help you track and keep up to date on topics that matter to you. Listening tools like Social Mention and Trendrr help you discover and follow trending topics. Analyzing tools like Twitter Sentiment and Compete Analytics help you dig even deeper by analyzing reputations and trend charts.

Dashboarding Guide

This is only the beginning. We’re counting on you to help us rate and review these tools, suggest new tools, and share stories about how you use Netvibes Dashboards in your daily life. In the future, we’ll have how-to articles, videos and more to help people learn how they can use dashboarding as a new way to tame the real-time Web.

It’s time to Dashboard Everything.

-Freddy Mini
CEO, Netvibes


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