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Sage releases Sage Enterprise WebTop, powered by Netvibes

We are very pleased to announce the outcome of our partnership with Sage, the world’s third accounting software publisher. As announced a few months ago, the English company is now launching its Sage Enterprise WebTop tool, powered by Netvibes technology.

Sage Enterprise WebTop turns your browser, your shared information and tags into relevant data that allows your company to listen, learn and act in real time.

In addition, it makes all the date from your Sage ERP X3 available to you and your partners via any Internet-connected computer. Sage Enterprise WebTop is the perfect tool for an easy and flexible team work.

Watch a video presentation of all Sage Enterprise WebTop capabilities:

Get the best from your teams by optimizing their time, share knowledge about your products and get the most accurate data from your Sage ERP X3 with Sage Enterprise WebTop and Netvibes.


New Netvibes mobile and tablet version

Eight months ago, we launched the first Netvibes mobile version dubbed “Dashboard Anywhere”. Many of you showed interest in the project and gave us interesting feedback that we took into account to make it evolve.

A native look & feel user interface, a new design with split and floating views for tablets, touch functions, menus with icons, a lot of optimizations… and much more! Watch the trailer:

This new version adapts itself to your device automatically. Wanna try it out? It’s very easy:

  • Launch your device’s browser
  • Go to “
  • Use your login and password: you now have access to your dashboards!

Want to enable offline mode to read and flag your articles? It’s possible with the settings button in the bottom right corner (More about offline mode: “Introducing new Offline mobile access“).

Dashboard Everything and now Dashboard Anywhere, with or without internet connection. Available for all users and customers today, for free, on

To add Netvibes on your iPhone/iPad springboard

  • Run Safari
  • Go to “”
  • Click on option button
  • Select “Add to Home Screen”

On your Android phone/tablet

  • Run your browser
  • Go to “”
  • Add it to your bookmarks
  • Go back to home screen, make a long click on your background
  • Select Shortcuts, Bookmark and Netvibes

Feel free to discuss it and send us feedback via Twitter and Facebook!


Get a faster Netvibes with the new Firefox 3.5

Mozilla Corp. just released the latest version of their browser: Firefox. This new version brings major speed improvements that will make your Netvibes significantly faster. If you’re running an older browser, you might want to give it a try. To download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, go to It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux in many languages.

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Netvibes Goes Chrome

Netvibes on Google Chrome

Google recently introduced its new web browser, Google Chrome. We know many of you have already tried it it out, so we’re happy to announce that Netvibes is now 100% Chrome compatible.

An added bonus in Google Chrome enables you to easily create a Netvibes Application shortcut:

Google Chrome sheet logo

  • Go on netvibes
  • Click on the Page menu logo near the address bar
  • Click on: “Create application shortcuts…”

The web application opens in a special streamlined window giving you direct access to your favorite website – ie. netvibes shortcuts on both your desktop and Start menu.

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Netvibes (heart) Firefox 3

The “web 2.0” has already seen many applications apply more and more demand to web browsers, challenging their memory management, speed, stability and standard supports. Thus, the major browsers have been working very hard over the past several months to update and optimize their lead products.

In this context, we are very happy to welcome the brand new release of Firefox 3 today.

Beyond lots of new features (detailed list available here) Firefox 3 is definitely faster and lighter than the current Firefox version. So far, tests using the SunSpider framework have shown Javascript, which Netvibes is intensively using, to be running up to 3 times faster which should result in immediate benefits to our users. Memory consumption seems to also be better managed which should improve heavy and lengthy usages.

For all of these reasons, the Netvibes team is recommending to its Firefox users to migrate to this new release.

Finally, to totally enjoy Netvibes on Firefox, don’t forget to install the netvibes addon to immediately add and share content directly from Firefox.

Edit: Firefox website are down right now because of the number of downloads. It is easier to download Firefox 3.0 on the japanese website.