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Model-Based Ecosystems and Data Interoperability at GPDIS: Read more from your NETVIBES dashboard

GPDIS 2019: Global Product Data Interoperability Summit

Are you leveraging the full value of all your digital assets throughout the entire product lifecycle? Join industry leaders from Dassault Systèmes, Boeing, Parker, and other leading companies as we explore the latest innovations in data interoperability and share best practices in accelerating toward a model-based ecosystem. Register now for the Global Product Data Interoperability Summit (GPDIS) 2019, to be held later this month in Phoenix. 

Discover how to break down data silos and analyze data across projects and systems to deliver critical real-time insights to increase efficiency, design better products and speed time-to-market. If you’re able to attend GPDIS, be sure to catch our speaking session, “Cut Costs and Timelines through Part Reuse and Sourcing Optimization,” co-presented by Dassault Systèmes and Parker Aerospace. Learn how aerospace manufacturers can reduce their design cycle by 70% by reusing parts and optimizing procurement. By aggregating and analyzing decades’ worth of legacy data from disparate systems, engineers can quickly find the ideal part for any project, identify duplicates and similar components, and access all related documentation, as well as monitor part reuse across the project. 

Even if you can’t attend the GPDIS conference, your custom NETVIBES dashboard is the perfect way to follow along and read all the latest news in data interoperability. Try creating your own Tracked Topic using keywords that interest you—for example, “PLM analytics.” Simply type in the search bar (you can even use Boolean phrases) and save it as a Tracked Topic, and your dashboard will automatically track and save all relevant articles for you to read later. Voilà! An instant, always-up-to-date reading list that keeps you ahead of the competition. 

Looking ahead to GPDIS 2019, here are a few relevant industry feeds that you can add to your dashboard to stay on top of the latest news:

GPDIS Company Feeds:

Want to try a NETVIBES Dashboard for yourself? Watch the video to find out how to get started.


MisoData: watch our training video!

If you follow our blog closely, you’re already familiar with MisoData, a brand new functionality that allows you to easily integrate public data in your Netvibes Premium dashboards.

Here’s a new tutorial video that demonstrates how easy and powerful MisoData is.

Want to know more? Head up to our MisoData FAQ sheet. Want to try it out? Take advantage of our Netvibes Premium 14-day free trial. Got questions or suggestions? Post them in the comments below, or use our brand new UserVoice page.

Dashboard Intelligence, Product Updates

MisoData showcase – compare public data for free!

There’s a world of interesting open data out there—from weather trends to stock prices to world census data. All of which is potentially very interesting, but in reality, raw CSV data is often quite boring. Enter MisoData.


Today, we launched our new Open Data showcase dashboard, which you can play with here. Using our new MisoData feature, we are able to visualize that data, chart it in different ways, and even add forecasts or smooth average curves.

The best part is you can drag-and-compare anything to anything. Want to see how birthrates correlate to weather patterns? Interested if smartphone stock prices are correlated to the CPI index or affected by French politics? Just drag-and-compare!(*)

Of course, MisoData is only available to Premium users, but we wanted to create a dashboard where anyone can play with public, open data for free. So we made the Open Data showcase dashboard free for everyone to use and explore. 🙂

Have some interesting open data sources to contribute? Drop us a comment below or visit our Ecosystem to add it to the library. We’ll continue to update this dashboard with more sources of open data, so you’ll have even more interesting options to play with.

(*) Since this dashboard is for demo purposes, you won’t be able to save your creations—but you can play with many of its features, including drag-and-compare.

Dashboard Intelligence, Product Updates

Introducing Netvibes MisoData: Now Drag-and-Compare All Your Excel Spreadsheets and Data Reports, All on One Dashboard

Most employees report spending too much time gathering manual reports from different systems and departments, without being able to find what they need when they need it. Today, we introduced a new technology called MisoData that makes it easy to instantly compare any internal data or KPI–alongside external social trends–just by dragging and dropping.


“MisoData begins where Excel ends. Now you can see all your reports on one dashboard, watch every chart update automatically, and drag-and-compare anything. You can literally see how your Sales correlate to your Social Media campaign, Supply Chain and Engineering Tickets,” said Freddy Mini, CEO Netvibes. “The magic of MisoData is that anyone can do it, even on an iPad. No IT, business analytics or database knowledge necessary. No more emailing Excel reports back and forth.”

  • Chart anything in just 3 clicks: Pick any Excel spreadsheet or CSV report from virtually any enterprise system or database. MisoData will chart all your reports beautifully on one dashboard–complete with forecasts, linear regression and average curves–without the need for IT involvement or custom data connectors.
  • Grow automatically: Watch last week’s estimates get replaced by this week’s actual numbers. MisoData syncs all your chart data automatically, so you’ll never need to run the same report each week. Instead of emailing Excel files back and forth, your team can simply check their dashboard from their iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry or desktop browser.
  • Drag-and-Compare everything: Drag any chart onto any chart for instant comparisons and correlations. Now you can instantly understand how different internal KPIs correlate with each other and even external social trends, competitive intelligence or regulatory affairs. No complex queries or business analytics–simply drag-and-compare.

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