Social Media Automation with Netvibes Potions

Netvibes Potions enable you to automate interactions between devices, apps and data using your dashboard. You pick the Trigger(s) and Action(s)—If X and Y triggers happen, then do Z action—and Netvibes makes the magic happen, automatically.


(To learn more about Potions and Netvibes’ Dashboard of Things, please visit our FAQ page or read more on our Potion blogs).

Potions can automate a wide variety of different tasks. Today let’s take a look at some potions for Social Media automation, so you can save time while expanding your brand’s reach across different social channels.

  • Press Coverage: Automatically share articles on social media with your followers


    If a new article on TechCrunch mentions MyCompany, then share the link on Twitter and Facebook.

  • Social Syndication:  Automatically share content across different social channels

    If @MyBrand posts a new photo on Instagram, automatically share it on Facebook and Twitter

  • Social Media Auto-Reply: Program your social media accounts to respond to specific keywords. For example:

Angry customer support:


If a new tweet contains the words “@MyCompany” AND “sucks,” then post a reply on Twitter: “Sorry you’re having trouble. Please email us your problem at, so we can help!”




If a new tweet contains “@MyName” between August 7-14 (while I’m on vacation), then reply: “Thanks for the tweet! I’m out of the office this week” and send me an email.


  • Social Crisis Alert: Be the first to know what everyone’s talking about with real-time alerts

If “negative” mentions of @MyBrand exceed 25 on Twitter, then text me and email the PR team


  • Social Auto-Sharing: Share important news and articles with your followers, automatically.


If a new article is published with keyword “Internet of Things” in the title, then share the link on Twitter


  • Design Your Own Potion: Do you want your Twitter feed to post the weather forecast each morning? Or maybe you want your office palm tree to tweet when it’s thirsty (via FlowerPower). With Netvibes, it’s up to you! Explore all of the Ingredients we currently support and create your own Potion.


To get started, click here, and our wizard will walk you through the easy steps of creating your first Potion. Or contact us to learn more.

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    One company to recently implement Netvibes as part of its optimised and automated marketing strategy is French brand, Elle Vire. The dairy company uses Netvibes dashboards to track all digital conversations concerning the brand and related topics across social networks, images, press and media.

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