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Social Analytics’ text cloud improvements

The What and Where Analytics apps offer several ways to represent their results, one of which is “Text cloud”. Text cloud displays the main keywords mentioned in the results. The more occurrences of a keyword, the bigger it is displayed. This view is especially convenient to spot trending topics at a glance.


However, this view may also generate some noise or display keywords you are not interested in. For instance, an overall What analysis of the New York Times’ homepage feed may show the keywords “BBC” and “Reuters” even though NYT’s sources may not be relevant to you.

That’s where the new improvements come into play. You are now able to hide the irrelevant keywords. To do so, click on the keyword you want to hide and click on the “Hide” option and “Done”. The app will automatically refresh to effectively hide the keyword and display the next keyword in line.


You can see and unhide the keywords at any time by clicking on “Hidden values”.


You can also instantly hide a whole bunch of associated keywords by clicking on the four-dot icon located on the app’s header, and then on “Settings”. On the Settings page you can uncheck the categories whose keywords you do not want to see in the text cloud.


With these improvements, you now have full control over the results displayed by the What and Where apps and can now make even more sure that your Dashboard only displays information that is relevant to you.

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