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New: Shared Libraries for Dashboards

Only Netvibes dashboards allow you to custom-pick the sources you want to listen to, using your Personal Corpus. Today we are pleased to take source-curation a step further with the launch of Shared Libraries, now available for all Netvibes dashboards. Libraries are customized lists of sources that are searchable, shareable and Potion-ready to help you track and analyze precisely what matters to your business.


All Netvibes Premium users can create their own custom Libraries; simply select the sources you want to include in your Library. These Libraries can then be shared with and used by all Netvibes users–including Basic and VIP users. (Compare all features here). Shared Libraries retain the same sources included in the original publisher’s Library. That means when you share a Library, all of your Library-subscribers will see the same list of articles. For example, if your Premium dashboard has 12 months of AutoSave articles and you create a Library, then all of the AutoSave articles will appear in your Shared Library.

Libraries can contain an unlimited number of sources and articles and are continuously updated. PR agencies can create separate Libraries to track different types of media, such as: “Tier-1 Business Press,” “Trade Press,” “Developer blogs,” etc. Professional users may want to share Libraries with colleagues and peers as way of spreading knowledge and establishing thought leadership–for example: “Top IoT blogs” or “Big Data publications.”

Advantages of Netvibes Shared Libraries:

  • Unlimited: Add as many articles as you like to your Library–it’s unlimited! No matter how many articles or sources are included, Libraries always load instantly.
  • Always up to date, with retention included: When you share a Library, ALL of the relevant articles on your dashboard, including Auto-Save articles, will appear in the Shared Library.
  • Fully functionable: Libraries work with all Netvibes dashboard features. Search and analyze the content in your Library, schedule a PushMail report, or create your own Potion using the Library. For example, when a new article about MyCompany is published in “Business Press,” then share the link on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Shareable: Only Premium users can create Libraries, but all Netvibes users can use Libraries.

Try Shared Libraries
Create your own Library from scratch, or try one of the ready-made Netvibes Libraries below. Just add the Library to your dashboard:

Top Politics on Twitter http://www.netvibes.com/subscribe.php?preconfig=f0ef5ace-f645-11e5-a19c-782bcb2fe1dc&preconfigtype=module
Tech news http://www.netvibes.com/subscribe.php?preconfig=0a9823ac-f646-11e5-a19c-782bcb2fe1dc&preconfigtype=module
Finance News http://www.netvibes.com/subscribe.php?preconfig=4b8dca92-f646-11e5-b394-a4badb4444c7&preconfigtype=module

Create Your Own Library
Netvibes Premium users can create their own Libraries in 3 different ways. First, go to your dashboard. Then:

Option 1: From scratch: Click the “Add” button. Under “Essentials,” click “Create a Library”


Option 2: From a Dashboard Tab: Click on the tab menu and “Add/Create Library.” This will add the entire tab to your Library.



Option 3: From a Source on your dashboard. Click on the source’s menu, in the upper right corner. Click “Add/Create Library.”



This will add the source to your Library.

Questions? Contact us.

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