Share your Netvibes Potions with just a click

You can use Netvibes Potions to magically receive text alerts, automatically share content on social media, and automate many more tasks from your dashboard. (If you’re new to Potions, learn more on our FAQ page). Today we have a new Potion feature to introduce: with just a click, you can now easily share your Potions with anyone! Here’s how it works.


Once you create a Potion, the Potion will live on your dashboard in its own app (see image, above). From this app, you can monitor all the times your Potion is triggered, edit your Potion’s Trigger(s) and Action(s), or turn the Potion on and off by toggling the switch. In this example, our Potion is pretty simple, using just one Trigger and one Action:
Instagram -> Twitter
When Netvibes posts a new photo on Instagram, automatically share it on Twitter
To share this Potion, click on the menu button in the upper right corner, then click “Share.” You will then see the “Share Widget” pop up.

The Share widget offers a variety of different options for sharing your Potion: email your Potion to a friend, grab a link to share, or instantly post your Potion on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Evernote, or many other third-party services.

Want to try the Instagram->Twitter Potion for yourself? Just click netvib.es/p/DWj6

When your friend or social followers click on the link, they will then have the option to add your Potion to their own Netvibes dashboard (or they can sign up for free if they’re not already a Netvibes user).

Here are two important things to know about Potion sharing:

1. Your personal information and log-in credentials are always private. When you share a customized Potion like this one (Instagram -> Twitter), the new users will be required to enter their own social media credentials in order to activate the Potion.

  • The original Potion: When Netvibes posts on Instagram, then share on Netvibes’ Twitter.

When you share this Potion with Bob, he must customize it as his own:

  • Bob’s new Potion: When Bob posts on Instagram, then share on Bob’s Twitter.

2. For Potions using Ingredients without private log-in credentials (e.g., RSS feeds), you can share those elements of the Potions as-is. Copies of the Potion will continue to act just like the original. This means that new users can enjoy your Potion without having to change their own dashboard’s Personal Corpus. As an example, consider this Potion:

When TechCrunch posts a new article with “Apple” in the title, automatically share on Twitter and Facebook

When you share this Potion, the new user “Bob” will have to customize the Twitter and Facebook ingredients with his own log-in credentials. However, the RSS Trigger on Bob’s Potion will work exactly the same way as it does on the original Potion. Bob’s dashboard doesn’t even have to include the TechCrunch feed!

Bob’s Potion-copy:
RSS-> Twitter and Facebook

When TechCrunch posts a new article with “Apple” in the title [triggered from the original dashboard], then share on Bob’s Twitter and Bob’s Facebook.

Now that you know all about Netvibes Potions, you’re ready to share the magic with your friends and colleagues! Which cool Potion will you create next? Click here to get started, and our wizard will walk you through the easy steps of Potion-building. Or contact us for a free demo.

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