Quick Look: Save Your Articles in App View

With our new Save app, you can now easily keep track of the articles you are really interested in. Let’s see how it works!


Netvibes allows you to add as many sources to your dashboard as you wish. Basic dashboards can store up to 500 of the newest articles for each source while Premium dashboards can even store all of them thanks to AutoSave.

With such prolificacy, the number of articles in your dashboard can quickly become overwhelming. This is why, instead of having unread articles piling up, we now automatically mark as read all articles unread after 15 days.

Of course, should you want to keep track of any particular article, you can always save it manually.
And the good news is that we have slightly revamped the Save feature to make it more convenient:

Now also available in app view, simply click on any article to open it and hit the new star icon in its top right corner to save it.

You can then access to your saved articles by adding this app to your dashboard:

In reader view, you can now start reading any article and still save it as the action icons, including the star icon, are now moving down along your reading progress.

All articles saved in app view are available in the Saved tab of your dashboard in reader view, and conversely, all articles saved in reader view are also displayed in the Saved app when you switch to the app view.

Got remarks or questions? Leave them in the comments below or visit our Uservoice page.

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