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Now you can SmartTag anytime, anywhere, on the Web and on the go!

Last year, we introduced SmartTagging to our Premium Dashboard as a way to help people and organizations self-organize and extract deep knowledge from real-time content. It’s more than just tagging — it records user sentiment and uses it to extract real meaning. (Check out a quick video about SmartTagging here.)

Obviously, the more you SmartTag, the more live trends, sentiments and expert opinions you can uncover. That’s why we’re created two new ways to SmartTag anytime, anywhere: on the Web with the new SmartTag Bookmarklet and on your mobile device with Netvibes Mobile.

The best part is that no matter where you SmartTag, it’s all synced in real-time to your Netvibes Dashboard. Read on for more.

SmartTag Bookmarklet

SmartTagging is one of the many professional features available in Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence, but you can try it for free with our recent Web 2.0 Expo Live Dashboard.

The first thing you’ll notice is a yellow bar at the top of the page. Just drag the SmartTag bookmarklet button to add it to your browser bar.

Now you can easily SmartTag anything you read on the Web, just by clicking the Add to my dashboard link. You can record not just the tag, but also your sentiment and comments as well.

SmartTagging for Netvibes Mobile

Now you can also SmartTag on your mobile device as well. To try it out, go to:

Just click the “tag” icon on from any article you’re reading to instantly add a SmartTag.

Stay in sync, wherever you go

Whether you SmartTag using your Netvibes Dashboard, Web browser (SmartTag bookmarklet) or mobile device (Netvibes mobile), the cool thing is that all your tags will stay synced in real-time. The articles you marked as read and SmartTagged on your phone while riding the subway, will be perfectly synced when you login to your desktop dashboard at work.

Where do SmartTags go and what trends can they uncover? Here’s a quick example we did to uncover hidden sentiments during two days at LeWeb.

Stay tuned! In our next post, we’ll show you all about how SmartFilters can help you uncover real-time trends and tendencies from SmartTags.

To enable bookmarklet on your iPad, follow this tutorial: http://netvib.es/iosbookmarklet

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