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Netvibes has a new look: we just launched two websites to help all users discover the power of dashboard intelligence. The new explores enterprise and team use cases for our Premium dashboards, while the revamped showcases dashboards for individual users.


Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence provides the real-time insights you need to drive better decision-making, based on data. Click to for a complete overview of our Premium Dashboards for Teams and Enterprise. From the new website, you can take an introductory tour of Netvibes, explore our dashboard features, and read business cases from real customers. Aggregate all your content and data, analyze information for key insights, and automate alerts and actions from the dashboard to keep your business ahead of the market.

Whether you want to monitor product sentiment and business metrics, or just keep an eye on what’s happening with your Internet, Netvibes has you covered. Individual users can click to the new-and-improved to explore dashboards for one. Create a free, personal dashboard using Netvibes Basic to subscribe to your favorite blogs and websites, aggregate all your social networks and apps, manage your email, calendar, to do list, automate Internet of Things devices and more.

Check out our new websites at and For a free demo or to ask a question, contact us.

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