New video app: Tell the story behind your data

Now available for all Netvibes users, our new Video App is available under the “Essentials” menu on your dashboard. You can easily embed online videos into your dashboard to provide relevant information and tell the complete story around what’s happening.

The Netvibes dashboard brings together everything that matters to your digital life—or your business—into one view so you can stay informed and make the best decisions based on current intelligence.

As a Basic user, you can share information from your dashboard in a variety of ways: by sharing the link to your live dashboard, by publishing items ad hoc from Netvibes to social media, or by creating a Potion to automatically share information across a wide array of platforms. In addition, Netvibes Premium users can share content and data using professional reporting tools, including custom PushMail email reports and PushWeb publication.


With our new “Video” app, you can embed online videos directly into your Netvibes dashboard, as well as your PushMail and PushWeb reports. Whether you’re providing key examples or explaining a larger trend, embedding video helps you to tell a more complete story around the data in your dashboard.

The Netvibes Video App supports content from four major video platforms: YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and Streamable. Leave a comment below to tell us how you’re using videos with your dashboard.




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    It is so Useful Artical. and in simple manner
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