New Potion Ingredient: Automate your Medium Page with Netvibes

Medium is a popular social blogging platform that people and businesses use to read, write and share ideas. Today we have added new Medium Ingredient to Netvibes Potions, so you can automate your Medium page and accomplish more with the platform–directly from your Netvibes dashboard.

With Potions, available for all Netvibes Dashboards, you can easily automate your business or take control of your digital life. You pick the Trigger(s) and Action(s) you want to automate, and Netvibes does the rest. Program your own interactions between devices, apps and data and put the Internet of Things to work for you. (For Potion instructions, please visit our Documentation page).

New Medium Ingredients
Trigger: When I publish a new post on Medium
Action: Post an article on Medium

Example Potions you can create with the Medium “Trigger”:

Article syndication: When I publish a new post on Medium, then automatically share the link on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Reddit.

Specific content sharing: When I publish a new post on Medium AND the title includes “Yoga,” then publish it on Tumblr and email my Yoga mailing list.

Example Potions with the Medium “Action”:

Auto-publishing: When my company publishes a new blog, automatically post it on Medium.

Article curation: When I tag an article on my dashboard as “Recipes to Try,” automatically post the recipe on Medium. [Note: SmartTagging is available for VIP and Premium dashboards only].

These are just a few examples to get you started. With Netvibes Potions, you can mix-and-match the ingredients to do exactly what you want. Have an idea for your own Medium-enabled Potion? Let us know in the comments below.

To learn more how Netvibes Potions can automate your business, please contact us for a free demo.

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