New Netvibes Premium Dashboards Help Global Agencies Monitor Real-Time Brand Conversations and Share Industry Expertise

Ogilvy PR, Tribal DDB, WeissComm Group, Rumeur Publique, CRM Company Group and The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) Use Netvibes Premium Dashboards to Rapidly Publish Live Brand Rooms and Expert Knowledge Portals.


San Francisco, California—December 3, 2009—Modern brand marketers are struggling to manage and keep track of the myriad of sources of real-time media, live news feeds, user generated content and comments on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more that comprise the voice of their brand. Today, Netvibes (, the personal dashboard publishing platform for the Web, announced that it has partnered with top global marketing and pr agencies and industry associations to deploy real-time brand monitoring dashboards and expert industry knowledge portals using the latest version of Netvibes Premium Dashboards–which features Wasabi, Netvibes’ 5th generation personalization publishing engine. Now marketers have a way to quickly build personalized brand dashboards to readily manage large, real-time media ecosystems around brands, clients and industries.

Already more than 1,500 brands, enterprises and media publishers rely on Netvibes’ widget and dashboard publishing technologies, including AT&T, Nestle, BMW, Nissan, Samsung, T-Online, Fast Company, The Financial Times and Pages Jaunes—with more than half a billion widgets served to millions of consumers around the globe every month.

Now top interactive agencies and industry associations–including Ogilvy PR, Tribal DDB, WeissComm Group, Rumeur Publique, CRM Company Group and The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF)—are publishing their own personalized brand monitoring dashboards and expert knowledge portals using the latest edition of Netvibes Premium Dashboards to help clients and brand marketers better manage the real-time Web.

After the successful launch of numerous high-profile projects in 2009–including brand dashboards for Fortune 500 and major pharmaceutical clients—these top agencies and associations are unanimously speaking out about the benefits of dashboard publishing for brand marketers in the era of the real-time Web:

“We used Netvibes Premium Dashboards to create The Daily Influence, a personalized industry knowledge portal that’s full of feeds from media, social media and trending services. We did this for our own staff and it quickly caught on with clients and other marketing and communications professionals,” said John Bell, Managing Director, 360 Digital Influence at Ogilvy. “Building a large-scale media portal with this level of interactivity and content is usually a big deal. The whole widgetized approach to Netvibes, made it super-simple. It’s really versatile too. We also just added a ‘Listening Post – lite’ feature making it easy for brand marketers to monitor for their brand in CGM.”

“Netvibes Premium Dashboards are the perfect solution for any reputation manager who wants to keep a live snapshot of the entire online voice of a brand–from literally hundreds of different places at once. With Netvibes, we can share our expertise with clients by publishing and curating our own brand monitoring dashboards, ensuring they are always close to the heart of modern consumers,” said Christophe Ginisty, CEO and founder, Rumeur Publique, one of the top communications agencies in France.

“We’ve been working with the University of British Columbia International Student Recruitment to innovate ways to attract students to the university from around the globe. ConnectionsForLife is an online experience that links prospective students to current students, faculty, alumni and ground-breaking ideas,” said Amber Bezahler, Managing Director, Tribal DDB, a top ten global interactive agency. “This is seamlessly facilitated by Netvibes Premium Dashboards which made it a snap for us to surface everything UBC online (news feeds to Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and more) within a social media dashboard. Best yet, the personalization features invite students and alumni to make the page their own, helping us achieve our goal of building an engaged community.”

“Our mission is to help spread and share knowledge across the advertising industry. The problem isn’t the lack of information, but rather the opposite–there are too many news sites and feeds for advertising professionals to absorb everyday. Our members and industry need relevancy,” said Steve Rappaport, Knowledge Solutions Director, The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF). “With Netvibes Premium Dashboards, we created Morning Coffee as the go-to knowledge portal for the advertising industry, filled with all the best feeds hand picked by experts at The ARF. But the best part is knowing that our audience can go further when they wish, using Netvibes powerful user personalization features.”

“We believe that customers should invest in actionable insights that build brand value, which is why it is key to provide news direct to one’s desktop with minimal time or financial investment to free up these valuable resources,” said Bob Pearson, Chief Technology & Media Officer, WeissComm Group. “Netvibes Premium Dashboards enable our clients to review the latest news about their brand in real-time. Efficiency and speed matter and Netvibes delivers.”

“We advise Netvibes Premium Dashboards for monitoring what is going on the Web for our clients. Not only a brand manages in real time its e-reputation but it keeps up with its customers, listening to conversations on Twitter and Facebook. Netvibes is secure and customizable at will, and Dashboards are easy to share with coworkers. In our view, Netvibes Premium Dashboards is the first step for implementing a real social marketing strategy,” Pascal Josselin CEO and Founder, CRM Company Group, a leading French communications strategy firm.

The Dashboard Publishing Solution Designed for Brand Marketers

Netvibes Premium Dashboards feature a built-in content library of more than 185,000 widgets and fully licensed content feeds, real-time push notification, powerful visual layout tools and an award-winning drag-and-drop interface that make it easy to build fully branded real-time media dashboards without the time or cost of traditional development. Premium Dashboards are fully hosted, proven to scale to millions of users and easy to embed seamlessly within any domain. Premium Dashboards can be used to create interactive brand rooms, real-time brand conversation aggregators, industry knowledge portals and live media monitoring dashboards for clients, marketing teams or public audiences.

Last week, Netvibes’ highly anticipated 5th generation personalization publishing engine, codenamed “Wasabi”, entered private beta testing. Already earning early media acclaim, Wasabi offers the industry’s fastest smart feed reader and first 2-in-1 widget startpage/reader dashboard, integrated push publishing tools and the next-generation real-time technologies that accelerate RSS content delivery and commenting. Wasabi technology gives Netvibes Premium Dashboards an unprecedented level of live monitoring capabilities spanning the entire Internet by offering both widget and stream views for all content. To learn more about Netvibes Wasabi, visit:

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