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New Netvibes Potion Ingredients: Reddit and Pinterest

Netvibes Potions make it easy to automate actions from your dashboard. Enterprises can automate analytics and business logic (e.g., If monthly website traffic drops below 1M, then text the administrator and email the IT team). Agencies can automate reporting (e.g., Every Friday, email a campaign report to the client), and consumers can control their smart devices (e.g., On weekdays, set my Nest Thermostat to 65ºF).

We are continually adding new Potion Ingredients to Netvibes, and today we are pleased to announce support for two new Ingredients: Reddit and Pinterest. Dust off your cauldrons because we’re about to brew some magic potions.

To control devices or automate actions from Netvibes’ Dashboard of Things, you will need to create a “Potion” with the specific Trigger(s) and Action(s) you want to take place. For example: If negative Twitter mentions of My Brand increase, then text me and email the team. (Learn more about Potions on our FAQ page).

With our new Ingredients for Reddit and Pinterest, you can now do even more with Netvibes Potions. Automatically pin articles on a specific topic, or share your pins with friends. Content marketers will enjoy the ability to share content across multiple social channels at once, including: Reddit, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more.   Here are some Potion ideas to get you started.

Example Reddit Potions:

Example Pinterest Potions:


With Netvibes Potions, you customize the Triggers and Actions to do whatever you choose.  Explore all the available Potion ingredients here:

To get started, go to your Netvibes dashboard and follow the Potion wizard. Or contact us for a free demo.

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