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New from Netvibes: Improved Universal Search

We’re continually improving our dashboard features to help you get more done with Netvibes. Today we launched our newly improved Universal Search functionality for VIP and Premium users. Let’s explore what’s new.

With Universal Search, you can instantly find whatever you’re looking for by typing in simple keywords or drilling down by facets, including language, sentiment, geographical location and more. Beginning today, you can also use Universal Search to locate apps on the dashboard. To try it, simply search for a keyword, such as the app name or a word contained in the app. Netvibes’ Universal Search bar will auto-return results as you type. Results are automatically divided into categories to help you home in on your target, whether you’re looking for an app, an RSS feed, an article, or something else.

For example, when we search for the keyword “Weather,” Universal Search returns many results across different categories:
Article: “Winter weather slams the east coast”
App: Weather
Feed: The Weather Channel

If we want to see only feeds containing the keyword “weather,” we can type in that facet using Universal Search. For example, if we search for “Feed:weather”, the dashboard returns these results:

  • Feed: The Weather Channel
  • Feed: Weather Underground
  • Feed: Accuweather
  • Feed: BBC Weather

Read more about Universal Search and facets here.

Universal Search is available for all Netvibes VIP and Premium dashboards. Basic users can gain access by upgrading their accounts to VIP for only $2 a month. New users can try all our Premium features, including Universal Search, for 14 days. Read more about Netvibes VIP here.

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