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New for Netvibes Potions: Google Drive and Netatmo Thermostat

Today we’ve added two new ingredients so you can do even more with Netvibes Potions. You can now remotely control your Netatmo Thermostat and upload files to Google Drive automatically, in response to custom triggers or events. Let’s see how the new Potion ingredients work.

With Potions, you can be a wizard of the Internet of Things by controlling automatic interactions from your dashboard. Achieve more in your business by automating actions (for example, When website traffic increases for 5 days in a row, then email the team). Or take control of your personal life by automating apps and smart devices (e.g., When I post a photo on Instagram, then automatically share the picture on Facebook and Tumblr).

To create your own Potion, simply mix-and-match the Trigger(s) and Action(s) you want to take place. Potions are fully customizable, and the possibilities are endless! (Learn more about using Potions in our documentation).

Here are some Potions you can activate today using the new ingredients:

Google Drive
Supported action:
Upload a file to Google Drive
You can specify a custom prefix for the file name and select which Folder to save to on Google Drive

Example Potions you can create:

  • Save Photos: When I post a new photo on Instagram, automatically save the photo to Google Drive

  • Document archiving: When I receive an email from my PR Agency with “Monthly Report” in the subject line, then automatically upload the attachment to Google Drive in my “PR Reports” folder.

Netatmo Thermostat
Supported actions:

  • Set Thermostat mode (Default, Away, Off, Max, or Frost-Guard)
  • Set Thermostat temperature

Example Potions you can create:

  • Vacation Thermostat: When I leave for vacation on June 1, then set my Netatmo Thermostat to “Off” mode.

  • Hot Day: When the outdoor temperature exceeds 90°F / 32°C, then set my Netatmo Thermostat to 65°F / 18°C.

Potions are available for all Netvibes dashboards. VIP and Premium users enjoy unlimited Potions, while Basic users are limited to 5 active Potions at once. Create your own dashboard Potion at www.netvibes.com, or contact us for a free demo.

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