New Facets in Universal Search: Tagged and Saved Articles

Universal Search (available for Netvibes VIP and Premium) makes it easy to find whatever you’re looking for in your dashboard. Simply type a keyword into the search bar or use Boolean operators to instantly find articles on any topic. You can also use semantic filters, called facets, to drill down into your content; for example, you can search by title, RSS feed, sentiment (negative/positive/neutral), or other facets.

We recently added 2 new facets to make Universal Search even more powerful. You can now search using facets for Saved articles or Tagged articles. Let’s see how it works.


New facet: Saved articles
Your dashboard collects a lot of articles and content, so you may want to save some of the articles to remember or read later. All Netvibes users have access to this feature: When you click on an article in your dashboard, simply click on the star to “save” the article.


Saved articles are now a facet in Universal Search. Let’s say we’ve been saving articles we consider “important.” Rather than manually sift through the entire list of saved articles, we want to find just the important articles that mention photovoltaic (solar) cells. To do this, we type into the Universal Search bar: “Photovoltaic Saved:true” and instantly locate the article that meets our criteria.


New facet: Tagged articles
From your Netvibes dashboard, you can tag articles with custom SmartTags (available for Premium only). SmartTags allow you to add your own analysis and opinions to share with team members. For example, you might tag something as a Threat/Opportunity, or perhaps you want to tag all the articles that review your new product.

SmartTags can now be used as a facet in Universal Search. Let’s say we want to read all the articles about Tesla cars that have been Smart-Tagged for “Performance.” To find them, we type into the search bar: “Tesla tag:Performance,” and Netvibes instantly finds the articles we want.


Now with support for Saved and Tagged articles, Netvibes Universal Search is even more powerful to help you find exactly the information you need for better decision-making. Learn more about Universal Search on our FAQ page, or contact us for a free demo.

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