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New Facebook Search & Compare Trends

Want to monitor how your Facebook Fan Page is doing? Want to compare different search trends over time? Now you can with our new Facebook Search & Compare app (you need to log in to your Netvibes account first).

Facebook Search & Compare is available for all Netvibes Premium users.

Social marketers and brand managers need to be able to access, monitor, analyze, track, compare and manage their social media in many different ways. We know that just one view isn’t good enough to understand the whole story. We know that static reports are time-consuming and quickly out of date. That’s why Netvibes Premium is the only solution that offers an adaptive workflow.

Unlike other tools that offer you just one way of analyzing Facebook, Netvibes offers you 3 separate apps for 3 different uses:

  1. Facebook Profile app – Post to your wall, manage your account and respond to comments.
  2. Facebook Search app – Search for what people are saying and use our Drag-and-Follow feature to create new apps to follow new, emerging topics, a user or a fan page.
  3. And now our new Facebook Search & Compare app – Track and compare Fan Pages and their followers.

Just search for the keywords or Fan Pages you want to want to track. Then add them to compare them with others. Simple as pie!

Stay tuned for even more ways to monitor and analyze Facebook. If you want a private One-to-One demo of Netvibes, just let us know. We’d be happy to give you a tour.

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