New Automatic Categorization Organizes All Your Content For You

Manually sorting through the huge amount of feeds and data you need to process every day can be a tedious task. What if your dashboard could automatically sort every incoming item and categorize it into groups and hierarchies for you? Well… now it can. Automatic Categorization is new advanced customization option for Netvibes Premium, Agency and Enterprise users.


Netvibes can automatically categorize articles, tweets and posts for you, based on hierarchies and groups you define. It’s a great way to automatically organize your dashboard results without the need for complex filters or long queries.

Here is an example:
Let’s say you want to monitor all the latest conversations around feed readers. It would be cumbersome to run a complex search query that includes all of the different reader products. Instead, you can now create an automatic category called “Reader”, which contains a list of keywords that belong to that category (ie. “Netvibes”, “Feedly”, “My Yahoo”, “Bloglines”, “Google Reader”, etc.).

Once this “Reader” category is set up, Netvibes will automatically populate it with any article, tweet or post that contains those keywords. With this new category, you can create a new SmartFilter to display all the articles from that category in an App. Or you can create new social analytics on all the keywords in that new category. Or a new alert to track all the different companies in this new category for you.

Instead of having to rewrite complex searches over and over, you can simply use your new category. Need more? Simply create a new category. For instance, if you also want to monitor every news related to Google in general, you could create a “Google” category. And items related to Google Reader will be automatically assigned to both categories, “Reader” and “Google”. All the relevant info in all the relevant boxes.

The best part is if you want to make a change, such as removing “Google Reader” from the list since it is being shut down next month, you can simply edit your category and ALL your apps that rely on this category will be updated accordingly.

If you want to enable this new custom feature for your Netvibes Premium, Agency or Enterprise account and define semantic fields specific to your enterprise, simply contact your Netvibes account manager. (Or signup here for a free one-on-one demo.)

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  • Reply topdiablo3 June 28, 2013 at 10:13 am

    you can create new social analytics on all the keywords in that new category

  • Reply Miyoko Angelini July 21, 2013 at 12:35 pm

    How will filtering work for multiple keyword content?

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