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New at Netvibes: Upgrades to our Search & Compare premium apps for Facebook and Twitter

Following our recent updates to MisoData and app design, it’s now time for the Search & Compare apps to get their shiny upgrade.

As always, the Search & Compare apps allow you to search for people and brands on Twitter and for pages on Facebook to monitor their social activity over time.


You can then easily drag-and-compare each app to create a new competitive analysis chart showing all the data. It’s so easy that it even works with MisoData apps so you can compare social media data with your own internal data. For example, analyze the relationship between your sales numbers and Facebook likes, or see how Twitter mentions correlate with your website traffic.

Now upgraded, the Search & Compare apps provide you even more flexibility and a deeper understanding of what you see:

  • New chart types: Choose from a wide selection of chart types to represent the information in the way that is the most relevant to you: Line, stacked lines, vertical bars, horizontal bars, pie, etc.
  • Insights: Just like with MisoData apps, you can now read each graph’s key facts at a glance.
  • Notes: Click anywhere on your chart and type in your own comments.


  • Export as data: You can easily create a .csv file from your chart to retrieve the raw numerical data the graphs are built upon.


Got remarks or questions? Leave them in the comments below or visit our Uservoice page.

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