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New! Agency Wizardry: Magically create your own dashboard in one click

What if you could instantly see a high-level overview of any subject, along with the important data and analytics you need to understand the current trends? What if you could walk into a meeting with any new client and immediately show them how their brand compares with the market? It sounds like sorcery, but you don’t have to be an all-powerful wizard when you have Netvibes!


Today we are excited to announce Agency Wizardry—four new wizards for Brands, Topics, Markets and Events—so you can easily create a new dashboard on your own in just a few minutes.


  • Cut through the clutter with a single view across Brands, Topics, Markets or Events
  • Stay ahead of the competition with real-time alerts
  • Save time and costs with automatic data analytics and reporting
  • Differentiate your agency or department with custom branded dashboards—no IT required!

With the new wizards in Netvibes’ Agency Wizardry, creating a new dashboard is faster and easier than ever. Create custom dashboards for all your clients and campaigns on the fly.

1. Pick your Wizard
What do you want your dashboard to track? Agency Wizardry offers 4 new wizards for Brands, Topics, Markets and Events.

2. Answer your Wizard’s questions
The wizard asks easy questions like: “What topic do you want to track?” Simply type it in.

3. Customize your Dashboard
Pick your brand’s colors or your favorite color combination. Want to add your logo? It’s easy.

Voilà! That’s it: your wizard will instantly whip up a new dashboard to your exact specifications. In just minutes, you have a custom dashboard that monitors and analyzes everything you need to help make better and faster decisions, based on real-time data.


Want to try Agency Wizardry? We’re happy to offer a 14-day free trial to Netvibes Premium with Agency Wizardry, so you can experience the magic for yourself. No credit card and no commitment required. Get started with your free trial by clicking here. Or contact us to learn more.

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  • Reply Denise August 5, 2016 at 9:59 am

    Can you tell me thos costs of agenvy wizards. Or is it that I need a premium account for 649 a months and then I can use it?

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