Netvibes Reaches Profitability

At Netvibes, we’ve always taken a different approach to the way we look at our products and business model. We’ve rejected common notions, like you can’t satisfy both consumers and businesses. That you need to stamp your logo on every page to build brand awareness. That the only startup model is the ad model. And that in this economy, startups should think about survival instead of profitability.
Today, we’re proud to announce that Netvibes has achieved profitability, in line with the objective we publicly announced 18 months ago.


Moreover, we’ve met virtually all product and business objectives we’ve planned for so far. What’s our secret? Put simply: we listened to our actual users and customers–and only our actual users and customers.

Our mission since day one has always been to help people better manage their daily digital lives. Our users wanted Netvibes localized for nearly every country on the planet; so we did. Our users didn’t want ads or logos; so we didn’t.
At the same time, we got hundreds of requests from users within various companies, interactive agencies and even governments that wanted versions of Netvibes built specifically to help them and their clients better manage their daily digital lives at work, build customer engagement and better monitor brands and competitors in real-time. So we created Netvibes Premium Dashboards (hosted, white labeled signed by Netvibes, media monitoring rooms and community engagement portals) and Netvibes for Enterprise (software, SaaS or on Premise, secure, fully customized content libraries).
Our users have guided us towards innovation and our business customers have led us towards profitability.
Thanks to our users, Netvibes has achieved many industry firsts. The first super personalized startpage. The first universal widget platform (UWA). The first “drag-and-follow” widgets to track trending topics. And with our latest innovation, Netvibes Wasabi, the first dual-view smart reader and the fastest RSS delivery technology–the ultimate personalized dashboard for enjoying the real-time Web.

Thanks to our customers and partners, Netvibes has achieved global success. Together we built the largest official content partnership network and universal widget library, Netvibes Ecosytem, together with more than 1000+ brands and businesses. With Netvibes Premium Dashboards and Netvibes for Enterprise, we power hundreds of millions of widgets every month for interactive agencies, Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, governments, ISPs and publishers in Europe and Americas. And with our latest strategic partnerships with Sage (to deliver Netvibes to mid-sized enterprises) and Orange (to bring Netvibes widgets to 130M Orange mobile customers), Netvibes has also achieved profitability and global recognition as the leading provider of real-time dashboards and widget content for businesses.

And of course, thanks to our team, their creative thinking, their hard work, their dedication. They are simply fantastic.

Of course, and obviously, we believe this is just the beginning for us and for the future of the real-time Web. Our new logo and motto “Dashboard Everything” that we introduced last week, reflects the new direction given by our users and customers who rely on us to help them better manage their real-time Web. We have also introduced our Dashboarding Guide to help make the best Dashboards out of virtually all sources of information, analysis or tools, free or not.
In April, we will unveil completely new experiences for both our users and our business customers. Stay tuned. And thank you for your ideas and your continued support as we work with you to build a path towards a better Web.

-Freddy Mini
CEO, Netvibes

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    That’s fantastic, congratulations. I love Netvibes and would happily pay for it! Keep up the good work.

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    very well .Gratulations!

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    That’s fantastic, congratulations. I love Netvibes!

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    April fool ?
    Hope this ain’t a joke…

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    Congratulations! And thanks for listening – and not “branding” everything in sight! Many more profits to you all.

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    I love Netvibes!

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    “What’s our secret? Put simply: we listened to our actual users and customers–and only our actual users and customers.”

    funny stuff 🙂

  • Reply Richard Holloway April 9, 2010 at 2:17 pm

    Perhaps someone from Netvibes would care to tell us when the mobile site will be working again. It has been inaccessible for nearly two weeks now. The only acknowledgement of a problem when I mailed the support email address was this:
    Hi Richard,
    Thanks for the feedback.
    The issue is being investigated, an update will be provided asap.
    Dashboard Everything

    And that was three days ago.
    Come on Netvibes, at least tell us what’s wrong and when it will be fixed?

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