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Netvibes Premium 1.1: Enhanced analytics, CSV exporting & improved auto-content

About a month ago, we launched Netvibes Premium and the response has been excellent. Brand marketers, freelance consultants and social media professionals around the world have signed up to try the powerful social analytics and alert features in Netvibes Premium. Thank you all for your support and feedback!

This week, you’ll notice some important improvements the next time you login to your Premium account. (If you are a Premium or trial user, you can click HERE to schedule a One-to-One session to get a personal tour of these other new features.)

Enhanced Analytics

Thanks again for your feedback and suggestions. We’ve listened and improved our analytics apps with some significant changes. Instead of just mentions, we now evaluate based on articles when measuring tone and trends. This gives you smarter results based on the overall tone of an article, instead of the simple keyword mention counts offered by some other analytics.

In the How (perception) app, now you can see and compare the Tone of media articles vs. your SmartTags, so you can compare internal and external impressions side-by-side. You’ll also notice a new Sentiment tab, where you can find a breakdown of your different SmartTags.

Finally, in the upper left corner of each analytic app, you’ll now see a Details option, where you can see the full date range, keyword options and other details. Since you can pivot many times (ex. How of the What or the Where) for a topic, across different periods of time, this gives you a clear reminder on what logic was used to setup your app. This is especially useful if a preconfigured app was sent to you from a team member (Netvibes Premium for Team).

If you haven’t already, sign up for a free trial upgrade to Netvibes Premium today to try our new analytics features.

CSV Exporting

One of the most popular feature requests we’ve gotten is the ability to export. Now you can export all your articles, mentions and SmartTags, so you can use Netvibes as your automated monitoring assistant. This is a great way to take the data Netvibes has found for you to perform your own data analysis or to create your own charts.

Stay tuned for even more advanced exporting features in the very near future!

Improved Auto-Content

Our 1-Click Dashboard Engine lets you create a dashboard simply by typing in a keyword. Recently, we went back to the drawing board and asked ourselves how we could make your instant dashboards even better. Now our algorithm smartly scours all the major search engines to find the most relevant and popular blogs to add to your dashboard.

This is just to get you started of course! In most cases, 12 of the most relevant sources of information will be analyzed and added for you automatically. After, you will add, remove, rearrange, your very own corpus of all the sources of information that matters to you. But you know that already, no?

Go to your Dashboard menu and create a new dashboard today to see the new results!

Remember, as a Netvibes Premium user, you get the benefit of our free One-to-One training. So please be sure to schedule your free One-to-One session for a personalized tour of these and other new features.

Not a Netvibes Premium user? Sign up for a free 14-day trial and get a free One-to-One session and personalized demo.

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