Netvibes Offers a Truly Multilingual Experience

ミナさんこんにちは!Did you know that Netvibes is used in more than 100+ countries? Today, we support nearly 50 languages — including 100% native UI versions in Japanese, Spanish, English and French. ¡Qué bueno!

Read on to learn about all the languages we support and how you can get involved.

Netvibes Translators is a community-driven translation program, where Netvibes users can contribute to translate the entire Netvibes UI experience into other languages. Currently, there are many projects underway, including partial (but fully useable) support for German, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Swedish, Chinese, Arabic and dozens of other languages. To get involved, click here.

Also, since Netvibes supports RSS feeds in all languages, monitoring the global news and blogosphere is a snap. Our Social Search app even lets you filter your Twitter, Facebook and BoardReader searches by language.

Want to get involved with Netvibes Translators? Click here.

A presto!

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