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Netvibes Insights: Kraft Foods

Every month with Netvibes Insights we take a look at what’s really on with today’s top brands: a free live breakdown analysis to showcase our Netvibes Premium powerful analytics tools.

This month, we’ll put Kraft Foods, the American confectionery, food and beverage conglomerate, under the microscope.

A Social Snack Stragegy

Analysts call Kraft one of 2012’s worst stock picks. Yet their brand sentiment is at an all time high. Discover why. Also learn:

  • How Kraft and Nestle utilized different PR styles for highly positive company perceptions ;
  • Why “Illinois” is a top trending keyword for Kraft with nearly 100% positive sentiment ;
  • How Kraft’s user generated content contributes to its overall brand equity and visual identity.

Find out how, despite negative forecasting by business analysts and financial reports, Kraft has been able to avoid most of it by not going the traditional corporate press release route. Instead the company concentrates a lot on social media, and uses that to bolster its online brand equity and reputation.

We’ll look into that and more during our next Netvibes Insights webinar. It will take place on January 19, at 10am PST / 1pm EST.

Interested? Just sign up to attend, it’s free!

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