NETVIBES Industry Intelligence Dashboard Training Video #5: Alerts & Reporting

In this, the fifth and final NETVIBES training video, you’ll discover how the content on your dashboard can be used to create reports and automate actions, so you can be updated even when you’re not in front of your dashboard.

The Potion app connects the inputs on your dashboard, such as Tracked Topics and Analytics, and triggers outputs when certain conditions are met. Setup email alerts to notify you and your team when analytic metrics change in a certain way. Be notified when competitors announce new products or new patents in your field of interested are published. Create automated email reports to keep your team updated to changes on the dashboard. In this video, we’ll cover how potions are configured generally, what some of the key input and output ingredients are and some common potion configurations.

Watch the 5-Part NETVIBES Video Training Series:

  1. NETVIBES Dashboards
  2. Managing Sources
  3. Tracked Topics
  4. Analytics
  5. Alerts & Reporting

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