NETVIBES Industry Intelligence Dashboard Training Video #4: Analytics

In the fourth installment of our five-part series of NETVIBES Industry Intelligence training videos, we’ll be focusing on Analytics. The Social Analytics app provides the ability to filter the articles on your dashboard in the same way as the Tracked Topic app, however rather than simply a list of articles, the output is in the form of charts and graphs allowing you to uncover trends and themes across larger numbers of articles.

We will show you how the Social Analytics app is configured and what the various outputs and metrics available in each are. We will highlight how these various options can be combined to create a broad, overall analysis for a particular subject. We will also show how insights can be found and how different topics can be compared which can be particularly useful in competitive scenarios or when comparing different products within a portfolio. We’ll finish with a guide on how to use the Opinions feature.

The fifth and final video in the series will be “Alerts & Reporting.”

Watch the 5-Part NETVIBES Video Training Series:

  1. NETVIBES Dashboards
  2. Managing Sources
  3. Tracked Topics
  4. Analytics
  5. Alerts & Reporting

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