March 15 in Paris: Analyzing Top Tech Trends in Silicon Valley vs. France

What are the fastest-growing tech topics in France and Silicon Valley? Which technologies will drive new economic models?

If you’re in Paris on March 15, join us for a Bpifrance breakfast event. Netvibes will present a new analysis of Top Tech Trends, comparing Silicon Valley versus the French ecosystem, with data insights delivered by Netvibes.

This time, topics are 

  1. Agritech
  2. Big data
  3. Virtual reality
  4. Transportation
  5. Security
  6. Blockchain

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Netvibes has analyzed thousands of articles and posts by influential tech figures in France and Silicon Valley in order to identify the key technologies that will impact us tomorrow. This presentation will include all new analytics, examining the evolving trends and diving deeper into the top 6 most-popular topics. We will also expand on previous research done by Netvibes and Bpifrance to analyze technological trends on both sides of the pond. Read our Business Case for more details about the previous projects.

The breakfast presentation by Netvibes CEO Freddy Mini will be followed by a roundtable gathering, where experts in each of these technologies will share with you their vision and predictions for the evolving market.

Registration is required to participate in the event, which will be conducted in the French language. We hope to see you there!

March 20 – San Francisco

If you’re in San Francisco on March 20, Netvibes CEO Freddy Mini will also address this topic at the FinNext Conference: “Using Online Data and Social Analytics to Drive Better Decision-Making.” With the explosion of data online, financial analysts have a wealth of new information sources available to help drive business decisions. The challenge is to aggregate and analyze this pipeline of Big Data, in order to produce actionable insights as efficiently as possible. This session will present real-world case studies, using Bpifrance, Orange and a global Canadian bank.

Visit the FinNext website to register, or contact us for more information.


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