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Making Magic with Netvibes: Potion Ideas

Last week, we officially launched the Dashboard of Things. Now anyone can create custom “Potions” to automate activities between apps, data and smart devices using the Netvibes dashboard.


What sort of magic Potions can you create with Netvibes? Almost anything! The only limit is your imagination, and the list of Ingredients we currently support (but we are adding new ingredients all the time!)


Here are just a few examples of Potions you can create right now:

News tracking: Want to read all the latest Apple news coming out of WWDC this week? Our CEO Freddy created this Potion, which automatically compiles all relevant articles into a Tumblr page and adds the articles to Pocket so he can read them later on his phone.

Thermostat control: Use Netvibes to program your Nest Learning Thermostat®. On weekdays during the summer, automatically raise the temperature between 9am-5pm to save on energy costs while you’re at work. Or program your Nest thermostat to respond to and report on current weather conditions: If the outside temperature reaches 28°C (or 82°F for our American friends!), set the temperature to 23°C (74°F) and tweet “It’s hot today!” on your Twitter account.


Of course, Potions aren’t just for consumers! Here are some example Potions for business and enterprise use cases:

dropbox potion


Document collaboration: Your team is working on a presentation, and you want to know whenever the PowerPoint file is edited. So, you create a Potion that monitors the shared directory on Dropbox and sends you an email when the document changes.


Newsletter review: Multiple people write the company newsletter, but only the manager can review and approve it. When the newsletter draft is ready, the writer emails it to the dashboard. This email triggers the Potion which both updates Webnote and sends an email to the manager with the newsletter content. The manager can then make edits and send it back to the team.


Want more examples? Check out


If you’re ready to put on your wizard hat and create your first Potion, head over to and sign into your dashboard. Our handy dashboard wizard will walk you through the easy steps of Potion creation.


For more Potion tips:

Read our FAQ page:
Watch the video:


What cool Potions have you created? Tell us in the comments below, or tweet at us @netvibes.

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